LewisGene, my favourite spot for me to hang out

June 20, 2014

Honestly, a beautiful thing is never perfect, a cafe famous with their coffee but always lack of foods or cakes ; a cafe famous with cakes but not professional in coffee too. This is my experience after visited lots of popular cafes, luckily i found one is full fill my requirement LoL! 

LewisGene,this is one of my favourite spot for me to hang out recently. I like their mocha, cold beans Vienna and black velvet. Shop is not spacious but comfortable for chill during weekdays afternoon, yes i am saying weekdays but not weekends! it is so crowded and noisy in weekends, it might be disappointed you because of lack of seats.
Cappuccino in my favourite zebra print cup. * happy *
I wish to buy this set of cup go home and they are selling too (another designs are available) , refuse to buy because my brother asked me when will i use this if i buy it,hmm....yea...i always loves to buy but not to use ==!

Chocolate Lava , not bad but i loves to eat chocolate lava and it can't satisfy me.

Pancakes, looks so creative and cute! But taste bad =( 

Mocha , black velvet, cold beans vienna and mocha also (from left to right)
Had you ever heard black velvet? Must go try this!
Cold beans vienna is their new ice drip coffee, i can't drink coffee but i loves coffee ( coffee makes me feel dizzy and breathing uncomfortable after drink it) However, this is my favourite combination ( whipping cream + ice coffee) so i DON'T CARE anymore! LoL!
Because of Instagram, it makes this place more happening and crowded, everyone come here because of their coffee spider art.Breakfast is available here too.

Foods rating : 3/5
drink rating : 4/5

Lewisgene Espresso & Tea,
2-1, Jalan Solaris 3, Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.
Open daily, morning through late night.


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