Oh Scooter!

June 13, 2014

Oh Scooter! a cafe?!
May be you don't know this name but i bet you will know cotton candy coffee which is famous in Instagram now! Yea... This is the only one in Malaysia.
I knew cotton candy coffee when in Taiwan Coffee Alley, and surprisingly you don't need to go oversea and can enjoy this in KL.

Alright, the location ... hmm...  i am not familiar with this area and far away from my house, went there using by GPS and miss a junction, stuck in traffic jam and turn in to wrong way, finally i am reached! This is just nearby One City.
I am super hungry because i was only eat 1 meal that day and the time when i reached there is about dinner time. Let's see what's can feed me LoL! 
As you can see from the name, so the cafe themed is scooters. 
Deconstructed Coffee     RM 11.90
Signature coffee with cotton candy.
Cotton candy makes coffee taste creamy and so smooth but still bitter for me, it's espresso. 
Interior design quite simple.
Chunky Monkey Banana Walnut Cake   RM 11.90
Unbelievable! This is the only one can feed me and i am actually don't eat this because of cream cheese frosting ( i hate cheese!) , but i have no choice because among whole cafe, this is the only food. =(
If you are looking for foods, please go when their food menu is ready. ( heard they said menu is on progressing) 
If you are ONLY looking for coffee, please go ahead. =)

This is how to drink cotton candy coffee. Enjoy =)

Drinks rating : 3/5

Oh Scooter Cafe
Jalan USJ 21/10, Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-8011-5507

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