Hello Taiwan, Day 5

June 15, 2014

Before we go to Cing Jing farm, i was planning to go He Huan Shan ( 合欢山 ) where are nearer from Cing Jing farm. 
Driving distance is about 1.15 hour from my resort, and the road is super dangerous. We can't see the car come opposite to us and it's looks like only 1 way road. Honestly, all of us were feel so shock and not dare to talk LoL! there are few times that our car almost bang to another car. ==!
Finally we reached here, and this is not in the early morning but is 10.30am. Super strong wind and haze and cold (8 c only)

How strong of winds? I think you will know when you see from the picture, LoL! I can sing " fly away...fly away..." 
 So, where is my another 3 family members? 
When my parents came out from car a minutes, then keep shouting " very very cold very very cold!" and after that i saw them stay in the car. My brother had no choice to be my photographer ,hahaha! 
Cing Jing farm  ( 清境农场 )
My most favourite place in my Taiwan outskirt itinerary .
The sky is so blue~~~ 
The field is so green ~~ 

I saw a funny TV ads for mothers day in Taiwan, it's saying what's your mummy loves to do and one of the attitude is closing eyes when photo shooting. This is very true, at least my mum is doing this! hahaha!  

Lunch at Inako Restaurant ( 伊拿谷餐厅 ) , this is their signature roasted chicken and eat by using hand. yummy! 

After that back to Xi Men Ding and going back to Malaysia on the next day.

Taiwan trip ' 2014 ended.
Thanks for reading.

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