The Red Beanbag on Sunday

March 25, 2014

What is the mostly people do in Sunday morning ? 
Jogging ? dim sum ? 
hmm…sorry i can't think out any activities on Sunday for you guys , because i am the "stay home girl" in weekends. I don't like to go out during weekends because crowded everywhere. What's can attract me to go out? i think traffic is smoother than weekdays perhaps. LoL!

Nowadays, you can find out a lots of coffee shop open surrounding you. Going out for brunch is the latest "trend" on Sunday! Not only for teens, but family with baby / parents / granny also. 

The Red Beanbag Cafe, that is a breakfast hotspot obviously. 
When i on my way walking towards the cafe, i can see crowd of patrons standing and waiting there. As i said Sunday always is the queue up day, expectable we are in the waiting list and wait about 30 minutes. Awwwww……. is a super hot day and how i wish my table is in the cafe but too bad, we got the table outside the cafe, strong hot wind blows to my skin, lots of inpatient and hungry eyes look at us, seriously i feel uncomfortable and enjoy my foods. Once again, i told myself that don't go for brunch during weekends without any purpose again.

This day, we are pre-celebrating one of our deary's birthday. Not going for fine dine again, we choose goes to a casual and comfortable sharing brunch.

Sorry that i didn't took picture of their outlooking , the sun is real big on that day,LoL! But promise that i will visit again soon =)

The Red Beanbag cafe is located one level up of Dr. Cafe Coffee ( same row with Fahrenheit 600)

RBB's Awesome Fry-up , RM22
You can choose type of eggs, beef / chicken sausage and beef bacon/ turkey ham.
This is my ordered, i prefer this if compare with Antipodean. The toast is softer! 

Mocha , RM 10

Egg Atlantic , RM 22
Heard my friend said, the eggs is one of their attraction, very smooth.
Poached egg with hollandaise, asparagus, mushroom and smoked salmon.

Sumo , RM 22
Pan fried salmon steak on a crispy potato rosti, wilted Australian spinach topped with a gooey poached egg and seaweed hollandaise sauce.

Besides of breakie, they served dessert too.

Chocolate Lava cake
I am super big fan of chocolate lava cake, but this is not impressive at all , looks bad. I can see the cake is not softer from it's outlook. Cut it , no chocolate sauce spreading from the cake, disappointed me. =( 

Last, this is not belongs to the cafe, LoL!
My friend make this, earl grey macaroon for the birthday girl.

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Red Beanbag Cafe
Lot A4-1-8, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480, Kuala Lumpur 

03-6211 5116 
Opening Hours: 8.30am-10pm (Weekdays) 9.30am-10pm (Weekends) Closed Mondays

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