Gyu-Kaku the Japanese BBQ Restaurant

March 23, 2014

I visited Gyu-Kaku restaurant in Osaka last year, that is a japanese BBQ dining with more than 700 locations world-wide (USA, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong etc.)

Their food is nice no doubt, so i must pay a visit if Malaysia have one too!
Surprisingly heard their branch in Malaysia is opened after i back from Japan, but because of i seldom go that area so i just drag drag and drag till now, finally i went yesterday XD

That is not a recycle bag beside the plate, it is a apron for you when during BBQ.

We are only 2 persons, so we ordered set meal for 2 pax - Raku set

Here is the list of foods in Raku set:
Kimuchi and Namuru - appetizers
Choice of salad ( Caesar salad, Horenso salad, Wakame salad, Choregi salad, Sanchu wrap ) - I choose Horenso salad which is the most popular salad in their restaurant.
Lamb neck
Lamb chop
Chicken thigh
Chicken fillet
Prawns ( 2 pcs)
Salmon ( small piece )
Steam rice
Tamago / Wakame Soup
Gyu-Kaku ice cream

2 pax : RM128 ++
3 pax : RM 168 ++
4 pax : RM 218 ++

Honestly i am carnivore , but when i try this salad, hmm…yea…that's the only vege and salad dressing, it is nice when that vegetable mix with sesame sauce dressing. * thumbs up*

To avoid smelly and dirty, advise you have to wear apron.

Overall the foods quality is 7/10 (rate) , too bad we are very full after this set, how i wish to eat their BBQ wagyu beef with very reasonable prices.

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Gyu-Kaku is located at 3rd floor, Isetan One Utama.
For further information, please go to

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