How to wear Midi skirt ?

March 3, 2014

I love midi skirts and dresses, always thought the skirts length over the kneecap is very elegant, and i am excited this trend is coming back!
Don't think of midi skirts and dresses are always belongs to tall girls . If you like midi skirts and dresses, no matter you are short or tall, you can find your midi skirt with these guidelines as below : 
  • Tuck a top into a midi skirt : It will makes your waist line disappear if your tops is cover over the skirt, and looks fatter.
  • Layer with a cropped jacket or cardigan: To makes your outfits looks more attractive, and of course show up your waist line.
  • Choose the right length skirt or dress: Petite ladies look best in midis that are just over the knee, while taller ladies can wear them longer.
  • Voluminous midi skirts are easier to de-frump: Midi skirts and dresses with interesting flared design details and tulle-petticoat-volume look more hip and less frumpy. A-line midi skirts are a little boring and looks old style. 
  • Wear low vamped heels: Low vamped shoes extend the leg line without the added height of soaring heels. Sky scraping platform heels are still very popular and they look great with midis. 

My Idol ~ Audrey Hepburn
How's lovely she is wearing midi skirt =)

Okay fine! I was just kill my wardrobe with tons of midi skirts, LoL! 

Shocking pink midi skirt - Dorothy Perkins

White and transparent midi skirt - Mooie Boutique

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