Beauty Review : Gloss in Love

March 19, 2014

Recently loves to apply lipstick or lipgloss after i watched " My love from the star " the superb popular korean drama.
I know..i know…most of you doesn't like to apply lipstick / lipgloss even though with full make up , some of you because of feel annoying of that sticky on your lips, some of you because of lazy to find a prefect color for your lips when you saw ton of colors to let you choose and etc.

Yeah~~ i am the one of them but it is before. I dislike the sticky feel on my lips, dislike it is not long lasting, dislike it is hardly remove,dislike i choose the wrong colors and make my skin tone goes wrong too. Too many of dislikes , what make me change my mind?

When i look at the mirror, i am get ready with full make up , eyes liner / cc cream/ blusher/ loose powder/ concealer/ mascara . I am still looks sick because of my nature lips color and that is very obvious after full make up!

So now i will apply lipstick color when i going for gathering or dinner and lipgloss for my casual daily activities.

This is my favorite items recently, Gloss in love by Lancome. This is not the latest products of Lancome, i bought it since last year but now only start to use it,LoL!

How amazing ? Gloss in Love is a lip gloss featuring vinyl shine, fresh color, and addictive comfort. 

To love your lips, customer always requested about moisturizing and shining colors on lipgloss. Gloss in love can make it! Unprecedented shine wraps lips in color, comfort, and up to six hours of moisture in an easy click-to-open package. The new Expert Applicator hugs lips, resulting in a smooth and line-free vinyl lip-look. 
Non sticky - is the most attractive point for me. XD

easy click-to-open package ( please ignore my nails =P )

How to apply Gloss In Love
Use the curved Lip Shaper side of the applicator to coat the lower lip.
Use the pointed Lip Liner side of the applicator to help define the upper lip.

I am using #385 Under The Spotlight - fuchsia pink with iridescent sparkle.

This is #341 Pink Pampille - bright pink with shimmer. 
I love to use this for my casual shopping looks.

For more information, please go to or any Lancome counter .

< Important Tips >

To buy a lipgloss, you MUST try it before buy.
You might love the color lipgloss when you look at their packaging, BUT! it doesn't mean it will represent the same color on your lips! because some of lips color is darker and some is brighter. 
So, please do not feel shame to try one by one at the counter.
You must try until you can pick the one and suitable for your lips.

Have a beautiful day, my ladies =)

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