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October 28, 2013

Absolute Thai Gardens always absolutely my favorite dine in place. I always went to The Gardens to have my meal in weekends because quite far if i travel to KL, lazy to drive lazy to queue up lazy to wait so i choose the nearer one, hehe!

I love their Tom Yam soup, among Thai restaurant i visited, no matter expensive or not, famous or not famous, their tom yam is not spicy. Ok,i admit that my tongue is no feeling to spicy, i can eat foods which can hits the most super duper spicy level. So, that is the main point i looking for good Tom Yam soup to satisfied me.

It already renovated and change to chic and chill style, outside seats change to like balinese sofa, decorated flora or plants surrounding restaurant to make us feel like in a garden. Inside restaurant is totally different style, trendy and hmm...feel like steak house.

It's a must to order in this restaurant, for me ya! Tom Yam Mee Hon!

and my favorite Thai Iced Tea.

Today is a raining day, rain starting from afternoon until night, low temperature so i wear sweater , comfy and casual. Hmm... i know it's time to trim and color my hair ><!

< OOTD >
"off duty" sweater - Zara
Lemon Yellow skater skirt - H&M
Golden Necklace - H&M
Little flower socks - Topshop
Mary Jane shoes - Topshop

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