Flower Crown

October 3, 2013

I like flower crown, it's makes looks like angel in the garden, but i can't wear this out because people will thought i am crazy people,haha! 

Where to wear flower crown? 
In wedding? garden? photo shooting? party? 
But, now almost every models in fashion magazine are wearing flower crown, it's a must accessory to buy.
You can buy at outside, but it is expensive, you can get it from Bangkok but will you going there because of this?
So, i choose to do it by myself, you can make it with low cost and under your budget.

Materials needed:

- Soft wire
- Flora tape
- Wire cutter
- Silk flowers

Step 1 : create a circle that fits comfortably around your head, that is easy to take on and off.Try to make few round wire to make it extra sturdy.

Step 2 : Wrap it by flora tape.

Step 3 : cut your first bloom and place it in the desired direction on the crown. 

 Step 4 : using flora tape to wrap the bloom tightly.
Step 5 :  continue doing so with more blooms, layering the flowers on top and side by side one another until you start to build a full crown of pretty flowers.

It took me about 1 hour to get it done, it is very low cost (only RM20) as i saw some accessory shop is selling RM50 onwards.  

My Golden Dou Dou's birthday is just around the corner ( this flower crown done on August'13) , so i make mini one for her. =)

Let's try it with your creativity =)

Pretty Golden Dou Dou

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