Tons of supplements for my furkids

August 1, 2012

May be you are wondering why we are so pamper a pet? For me,they are my furkids but not just a pet,dog is our most royalty friend,yes some peoples might hate dogs but there are always have opposite side which is willing to touch the dogs,feel them,play with them and love them.
Rare a dog,isn't a easy job but not a suffer job too! when you rare a dog meaning that you have to responsibility on their whole life but not throw them away because of any sudden issue.
The most important part is to ensure they are healthy always,here are supplement for my furkids.
Are you get shock of this? =P
I am always suggested home cook food is better than kibbles,but sometimes they might can't really get enough vitamins from their meal for example Calcium, Zinc and Vitamin C.
Strongly recommendation :
for my Golden retriever (Dou Dou) :
Synoquin Glucosamine ,she need the best glucosamine to long term maintain her joint function.
Evening Primrose Oil , rich of Omega 3 and 6 and better than fish oil.Doctor recommend this is very good for her joint and skin.
for my Miniature Schnauzer (ViVi) :
Coatex capsules is a balanced blend of essential oils that have been identified as being vital for maintaining coat and skin condition in dogs and cats.
Vetri-DMG is Supports Performance and Immune System Function , might help to release their panic too.
Mobiflex Plus is a developed with a combination of 2 collagens, namely Collagen Type-I and Collagen Type-II, for effective joint destructive prevention.
There are another 2 more i have yet to upload ,which is Junkai and flaxseed oil.
Junkai (Squalene drops) is to  to help maintain a healthy liver and skin coat problem and Flaxseed oil can prevent cancer.
Their supplements are really costly and killed my wallet but because of their health,i willing to do that,just wish to see their happy and energetic face everyday.
So what are you waiting for? do something for your beloved pets now!

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