Furry Princesses's Trip !

July 31, 2012

Last weekends, me and my sister Yennie were bring my 2 furry princesses (ViVi the miniature schnauzer and Dou Dou the golden retriever ) going to A Famosa Resort at Malacca for 2 Days 1 night vacation. This is organized by puppy.com every year.
Yes,we are ready to start our journey now!
It is actually Golden Retriever Gathering every year and color theme of the gathering in this year is green,i love green!
We reached there after 45 minutes distance from my house,due to some bad issue with their service,we had been wait for 1 hour to check in.
ViVi was so happy! smile so sweet my dear.
This is our room~
They all can't wait to jump into the pool!
They are enjoying!
and of course we got lots of friends are going to this trip too!
Cute Tiger(golden retriever) and Xiao Bai (Maltese),Xiao Bai love to ride on Tiger's back,haha =)
Xiao Q (Labrador)
They are really very tired after swimming. Goodnight world~ImageImage
We are get ready to go home.
I am very happy because saw my furkids were very enjoy in this trip,sometimes not a must to buy some expensive accessory or food or furniture for them but just a short break with them,they are satisfied with it,they just need your love but not all your time or money. They are love you more than themselves and to appreciate them,we should do something right?

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