Good Morning,dessert !

August 24, 2012

Good Morning,dessert !

Last few days was google where got nice patisserie shop can visit, scroll down and down...
Suddenly i saw this name, a name i was heard from my friends before, a famous macaron shop.

Can't wait too long, i was visit this patisserie shop yesterday with my sister.

Unexpected, the shop is very small and limited spaces for you and me and him and her to have a afternoon tea. There are only 3-4 mini tables at outside area and 1 mini tables inside the shop, maximum 2-3 persons able to fit in the table.So,please don't try to plan or call up your brother sister mother father buddies to come along.

I love this shop,i can feel their different culture that they wish to show to customer,it is definitely looks like patisserie at western country like Australia. Feel comfortable to have my breakfast dessert here although there are very small spaces. 

Their best seller, macarons!!! i don't like to eat sweet so if you want me to choose a nice macaron,i will love to say Jean Paul Hevin is the best! But in Malaysia,i can't find any until i found this,it tasted sweet but not bad,please give it a try =)

Cake of the month (August) - Printemps
This creation is made of almond and sesame dacquoise, chocolate macha ganache, macha mousseline, and macha crumbles.

I bought their Macaron Premium Pack , funny packaging which look like a eyes shadows palette. yummy!

They are providing online shopping too,please feel free to take a look.

Information sharing corner :
Les Deux Garcons
The boutique is open from 12.00pm - 8.00pm Daily. 

The location:
36 Jalan Telawi Bangsar Baru 59100 KL, Malaysia. Tel: +603.22847.833

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