Malacca Spa and Relaxing Family Trip (II)

August 11, 2012

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When you go to Malacca, this is a street that you must visit - Jonker Street. Lots of delicious food, handmade store, old style shop here. You can find a very old fashion toy or decoration when you walk along this street.

Curry Laksa at Restoraunt 88, taste not the best but i think its the best in this Jonker Street,so you can always see superb long queue when you want to get in this small restaurant.

Thumbs up for this durian cendol! awesome!

Handmade soap if you are the people who shower by soap? =) very cute shop

There are many stalls selling hats and it is very very cheap,price range is from RM5 - RM25 only!
I am trying hat to let my daddy choose to buy for my aunty. =P

Eggs shape ice cream, RM4 each, nothing special taste but it is not worth to buy it.

Outlook of the day :
Maxi Dress : Forever 21
Sandals : Zara
Bracelet : swarovski and Thomas Sabo

When you go to Malacca,your itinerary should be eat,eat and eat!

Dessert time: Nadeje Cafe , the famous thousand crepe cake in Malacca.

They are launch new product, Nama Donuts, a mousse donut.

Outlook of another day :
Tops : Topshop
Short pants: Zara
Sandals : Zara
Bags : Miu Miu
and Umbrella??? haha...

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