NUViT MoistLoc series for longer-lasting moisturization

July 3, 2019

Dry skin is a common problem for post-beach skin, because skin will get dehydrated in the wind and sun, so it’s important to add in moisture back. My skin was dry and itchy after coming back from an island trip, therefore my friend recommended me to try NUViT MoistLoc series. This series focuses on skin hydration and it’s specifically developed to repair skin barrier and offer ultra-hydration to skin.

NUViT is a Taiwan skincare brand which specializes in delivering the highest quality and effective skincare product by incorporating advanced clinical technology with natural plant based extracts. NUViT MoistLoc series uses the most concentrated formulation with combination of science and natural plant extracts, alcohol free and non-allergenic.

To achieve a longer-lasting moisturization, NUViT is using 3 simple principles ‘Repair, Rejuvenate and Revitalize’ with the products as follow :
❥ MoistLoc Hydrating Double Action Cleansing Milk
❥ MoistLoc Hydrating Toner
❥ MoistLoc Hydrating Crystal Serum
❥ MoistLoc Hydrating Active Gel

Targeting tired and dry skin, the key ingredient CeraHA+™ which is a unique combination of Ceramide, Viola Tricolour Extract and Hyalusphere® PF effectively helps :
• Restore skin barrier
• Activate moisture circulation
• Retain optimum moisture for long-lasting hydration
• Plumper and elastic skin
• Fresh and soothing skin
MoistLoc Hydrating Double Action Cleansing Milk
RM 27.90
Suitable for : all skin type

This is a 2-in-1 gentle cleanser and makeup remover. Using a unique emulsification technology, this cleanser can softens, repairs, hydrates and protects the skin against damage from dust.
Ingredients : Ceramides, POLLUSHIELD™, Licorice
     | Benefits |     
• Strengthens skin barrier.
• Chelates metal particles in the air and protect from pollutant damage.
• Soothing skin.
Texture : non-lather
Scent : fragrance-free.
Apply onto wet skin and gently massage skin, rinse thoroughly and pat dry without rubbing in the morning and evening. Use as a daily face wash for normal to dry skin to remove makeup, dirt, impurities, and hydrate skin.
MoistLoc Hydrating Toner
Suitable for : all skin type, especially dry skin.
Ingredients : Botanical extract complex, Vitamin B5, HA Complex

     | Benefits |     
• Repair skin barrier and promotes healthier skin.
• Softens skin.
• Hydrates and maintains skin oil-water balance.
Texture : Non-greasy, leaves the skin feeling fresh.
Scent : fragrance-free.
After cleansing, gently pat on the face and neck with a cotton pad or fingertips. Use twice a day (morning and night).

Sometimes, I soak a few cotton pads with the hydrating toner and apply them to my cheeks as a quick sheet mask.
MoistLoc Hydrating Crystal Serum
Suitable for : all skin type, especially dry skin.
Ingredients : Licorice, Vitamin B3, HA Complex

     | Benefits |     
• Provides highly concentrated hydration, deeply moisturising.
• Brightening.
• Restorative, enhances elasticity of skin. 
• Activates water circulation and smoothens skin.
Texture : light weight liquid fluid, easy to absorb quickly into the skin.
Scent : fragrance-free.

After toner application, starting from the center of the face, gently spread outwards to cover entire face. Press palms into face for better absorption. Use twice a day (morning and night).
MoistLoc Hydrating Active Gel
Suitable for : all skin type, especially dry skin.
Ingredients : Plantal extract complex, PatcH20™, Sacrum Algae, SymCalmin

A long-lasting moisturization, auto-replenishing and refreshing gel that can retains optimum moisture, making skin plumper and more elastic. This cream gel is a double usage cream gel that can be applied lightly during the day and used as a mask at night.

     | Benefits |     
• Replenishes water and relieves skin.
• Rejuvenates skin as it provides long-lasting hydration.
• Retains moisture and boosts radiance skin.
Texture : watery, non-greasy, absorb quickly into the skin.
Scent : fragrance-free.

Apply in the morning and/or evening onto a thoroughly cleansed face. Avoid contact with eyes.

     | Verdict |     
My skin was flaky, itchy and tight. After trying MoistLoc series, it delivers a daily dose of hydration to my skin. Of course, this is not a magical hydrating product that can bring dry skin back to life instantly. But overall, it’s soothing properties help to restore and rebalance my dry skin.

While beauty product especially for dry skin usually have a thicker consistency, MoistLoc series are different. All MoistLoc products series have a watery texture consistency, thus absorbs quickly into the skin and hydrates without being overly oily.

For more information, please visit:
Facebook: @Nuvit.Malaysia
Instagram: @nuvitmy

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