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June 28, 2019

Without a doubt, online shopping is really convenient and definitely will create the urge to buy, but it also dangerous you’re being tempted. 
It’s far too simple to order with a single click, but many people don't really pocket the money they save on shipping. I love to do online shopping especially when i found out great deals from the online stores or grab the latest pieces which don't have retail store in Malaysia. However, i always cancel my order at the end, because the international shipping cost are way too expensive!
Recently I found out something useful on making your e-shopping easier

If you really can't resist temptation, use Buyandship
That's my quick tip for you all to implement right away to save on shipping charges. 

I always searching for dog's supplements in US online shopping because it is almost 50% cheaper than Malaysia. However, the shipping cost is always over RM60.
Let's take a look at the shipping cost if i purchase one hoodie in my favourite US online store.
Can you see a big different between the shipping charges at online retailer and Buyandship? 
Oh my god! What a big different! 
In fact, paying for shipping is almost always a waste of money, right?

Why I choose Buyandship?
❥ Buyandship is an international online shopping transfer service that has been operating since 2014, which I found it is quite trustworthy.

❥ Users can shop across US, UK, Australia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and China when they register with service. There’s no agent fees or registration fees.

❥ Buyandship international shipping rates are affordable, starting at RM18/lb!

❥ I can take my time to shop at different online retailers because it allowed customer to consolidating multiple packages from online store of different countries and packed them in one parcel without repackaging extra charges. Those little, one-off purchases are make doubly bad for your budget. Wow that’s save a lot of money! 

Are the process too complex? Nope! 
Signing up is easy and most importantly, I can easily track my parcels thru Buyandship. 

You can save a lot of shipping costs here with simple guide as below: 
Step 1 : Register as a Buyandship member
Upon registration, you will get access to Buyandship overseas warehouse address and your member ID.
Step 2 : Start shopping from your favourite online store
I am done my online shopping at Walmart, a popular grocery store chain in the US. But, Walmart online store does not ship outside USA. I am glad to have Buyandship Malaysia services because I can get what i want from Walmart directly with same low pricing as American customers! Walmart also provided free shipping within US.
During checkout, just fill in Buyandship’s US warehouse address as the shipping address and your name and member ID as the receiver.
You can easily obtain Buyandship warehouse address at 'Member Centre > Oversea Warehouse Addresses.
Step 3 : Declare your package
Declare my parcel on Buyandship website once i received the parcel's tracking number and shipping courier details from Walmart. I have to do it before it arrives at the US warehouse. No matter where you shop from US, UK, Japan or Korea, the shipment will be delivered to Buyandship Hong Kong warehouse before it will be delivered to Malaysia.
After that, i will receive notification email once the parcels has arrived at Buyandship Hong Kong warehouse. Delivery fees will be calculated by the actual weight of your parcels. You can know the weight once the package arrive to their Hong Kong warehouse. 

Step 4: Make payment
As i only have 1 parcel, so i don't need to merge the packages into one. Make payment to get your package sent to Malaysia. Buyandship will send out the parcel to Malaysia within 1 to 2 days after receiving the order request and payment.
I am so excited because my shopping hauls arrive at my doorstep quick and safe!
Parcel reach the end of its journey in tip-top condition. Thumbs up for the efficiency!
Literally, it only took 12 working days to reach from US, the shipping fee is RM18 per pound. Total chargeable weight of my parcel is 3 pound, so total delivery fee is RM54.

Here's my timeline of my US online shopping experience:
05 May, Sunday : Placed order on Walmart online store.
07 May, Tuesday: Ordered items arrived at Buyandship US warehouse.
14 May, Tuesday: Parcel arrived at Buyandship Hong Kong warehouse.
17 May, Friday : Sent out from Buyandship Hong Kong warehouse.
21 May, Tuesday : Parcel arrived at my doorstep.
When you are done reading through my blog, i think you will be learning a trick that will let you save quite a bit of money on international shipping thru Buyandship. 

Of course, I will use Buyandship Malaysia services again as it helps me to get rid of costly international shipping from the foreign store. Fast and reliable, now I can have more fun shopping internationally and not to overpay for shipping ever again!

For more details, please visit: 
Instagram: @buyandship.my

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