June 13, 2019

Hi all! I am back for my Japan trip blog part 2! Sorry for delay, i am kinda lazy recently, was wondering how to kick out the laziness in me after beach vacation LOL. 
Alright, let's continue on my last Nagoya post. You can read Part 1 at PLACES TO GO▐ PART 1 : NAGOYA > TAKAYAMA.

     | Day 3 Takayama > Shiragawa-go |     
There are 2 ways to go Shiragawa-go from Takayama, either take highway bus or rent a private car. FYI, JR lines do not pass through these area. So, we decided to take highway bus which is easier accessed there. This is because if we rent a car during the winter season, it is important to look up ahead of time the weather forecasts and snow conditions especially in Gifu prefecture. The best choice is take public transport. 

The route is about 50 minutes from Takayama Nohi Bus Center (next to JR Takayama Station) to Shirakawa-go. There are 16 round-trip Nohi Bus services a day, we have been told that we can't reserve tickets a day before. Therefore, we checked the timetable first and buy bus tickets at Ticket Office in Takayama Nohi Bus Center on the day. Return route fare is 4420 Yen, you can check timetable and bus fare on their official website here.
Take note that you better reach at bus center an hour earlier to queue up for the bus, there are crowded! 

We took the bus as earlier as we can, 8 something morning so that we can have enough time to visit and lunch at Shiragawa-go.
Remember take a map when you reached at Shirakawago Bus Terminal, or else you might have no idea where to go LOL! 
First thing we want to do is go to the castle tower observation deck before the crowds grow until mid to late afternoon. You must take a charged shuttle bus as the castle tower observation deck is located on a northwest hill of Ogi-machi. It's about 20 minutes on foot from Shirakawago Bus Terminal to take the shuttle bus, and 5 minutes by shuttle bus to the observation deck. 
Look at the panoramic view of Shirakawago gassho village! Oh my god, it is so beautiful like a real painting! 
The sad thing is there are never snow about 2 weeks time from our travel date, so the 
Gassho-zukuri houses are actually not covered by thick pure white snow, but just a thin layer. 

The happy thing is we were the lucky ones because it was snowing on the day! Although it was just a light snowing but we simply can't take our eyes off the landscape.
No matter how old we get, snowfall will always be exciting. It's almost magical! 

     | Day 4-6 Nagoya |    
We were heading to city from a vintage old town. There are nothing much attraction in Nagoya, we just went to 2 places a day. This is our chill trip what LOL!

Spent the following nights at Mitsui Garden Hotel Nagoya Premier, the best and worthy hotel we stayed in this trip LOL! Situated a 5-minute walk away from JR Nagoya Station where surounded by shopping arcades and streets, the room is spacious and modern. We can unwind and relax in the public bath also, room rate at RM766.96/room for 2 nights. I didn't take any photo of this hotel, you guys can google it.

Address: 4 Chome-11-27 Meieki, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 450-0002, Japan
Nagoya Castle
1-1 Honmaru, Naka Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0031
How to go : From Nagoya Station, take the Sakuradori Subway Line to Hisayaodori Station (5 minutes) and change to the Meijo Subway Line to Shiyakusho Station (2 minutes). Then, take a 3 minute walk to the castle's east gate.
Entrance fees : 500 Yen
I was pretty honour to said that i found this perfect photo spot,
and also these Ume blossom trees which begins blooming in mid-February!
Oasis 21
1-11-11-1 Higashisakura, Higashi-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 461-0005
How to go : 2 min walk from Sakae station on the Higashiyama or Meijo Line .

This is a shopping mall and travel hub with a glass airship design, the theme of “Space ship Aqua". Oasis 21 is a park, bus terminal, shopping center, and performance venue all under one roof.

When i google about where to shop in Nagoya, almost all will point to this Osu Shopping District where has existed for 400 years as the commercial streets. To me, i am not really like to shop around here because there are quite boring tho.
Osu Kannon 大須観音
(please ignore the item that i hold in the photo, at first this photo is for commercial break purpose LOL)
ALICE ON WEDNESDAY is the only store can drive us crazy, burning a big hole in my pocket.
Nagoya-shi, Osu Naka-ku, 2 Chome-20-25
Squeeze through the mini door and then we were in an accessories heaven! For those who love Alice in the Wonderland or want to grab some unique goods, this store is a definite must.
Komeda's coffee is a chain cafe originated in Nagoya, have around 700 shops spread all over the country. It is one of the famous chain cafe in Japan and that is so special is they serve FREE toast and boiled egg when you order a drink! Yes, just order a drink only!
Their food is so delicious especially the toast and sandwiches. Price is so worthy too, is a must-eat in Nagoya.

We spent the rest of days in shopping mall. Oh ya! In Nagoya, you must eat hitsumabushi, one of Nagoya's famous dishes. This is a dish in which cut eel that's dipped and broiled in soy sauce is placed on top of rice. The taste is superb!!!
My wonderful trip has sadly come to an end, that's all for my Nagoya trip. 
Shall i start to blog about my Phu Quoc trip? But there are not many places to go, let me think about it and see you all on my next post!

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