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May 23, 2019

Dewy makeup is a lot more popular trend these days, are you looking for cushion compact which can brightening your skin while giving it enough moisture?
If you're plagued by dry skin that shows a face with cakey foundation after you've applied foundation, The history of Whoo Gongjinhyang:Seol Radiant White Moisture Cushion Foundation SPF50+/PA+++ is one lifesaving product to amp your makeup routine, a recent makeup product that I'm completely taken with.
The history of Whoo was developed in an effort to comprehensively resolve specific skin problem during the skin aging using secret beauty formulas that combines oriental herbal medicine and ‘Gongjinbidan’ of the royal court, which was presented exclusively to emperors and empresses. 
What is ‘Gongjinbidan’?
The priceless 800 year old secret method made for the emperor or queen, it is the most precious formulas made the Deer antlers, Angelica root, Sansuyu and Wild thyme. It maintains harmony and balance in the skin by helping to raise water energy and lower fire energy in the skin.

The history of Whoo Gongjinhyang:Seol Radiant White Moisture Cushion Foundation SPF50+/PA+++
This is a special edition of the cushion in a yearly basis, a multi-functional cushion for moist, bright, and youthful glowing skin with upgraded formula. Definitely it is perfect for us as it has SPF50+/PA+++ that will protect you from UV rays at the same time!

The Upgraded Formula that contains precious ingredients
Chrysanthemum Indicum : A new concept of whitening agent with an international patent, recognized ingredient for freckle improvement in Korea, which brighten skin dullness and give intensive care for blemishes and melasma.
SeolGamSan : Medicinal herbs with sweetness, used as Yang GuiFei’s secret beauty treatment for her porcelain-like skin. It provides nutrients to the flesh and the outer layer of skin to maximises whitening effects.
ChilHyangPalBaekSan : An oriental herbal medicine secret prescription for skin whitening from the royal family.
Pearl Wild Ginseng : x3 concentrated than whitening essence, suppresses melanin and boosts whitening, make the dull skin glowing and bright.
White Ginseng Ceramide : moisturizing and make the skin firm and soft.
Royal White Ginseng
I'm stoked for its elegance packaging which is inspired by the plum blossoms and apricot, represents the Oriental harmony beauty and finished with a touch of modern majesty.
It doesn't get better than this! Why?
♥ This upgraded version is filled with skincare properties of one full-size whitening ampoule for enhanced glow!
♥ Contains 130% more moisturising agents that hydrate the skin with each application.
♥ Higher coverage imperfections but whipped airy texture like wear a second skin for more youthful finish.
This cushion is available in 2 shade options : #21 for lighter shade and #23 for natural and darker shade. I am using shade #23 which is more closely associated with my complexions.
Use this cushion before or after Sun Cream, spread over the skin by using gentle patting motions.
Texture : Super smooth and airy texture, soothing and cooling sensation upon application along with a luxurious glow.
My skin is combination and blemish skin type, it was really frustrating while the cushion i used that are always make my skin tone getting dullness after a long day in this hot weather. The consistency of Gongjinhyang:Seol Whitening Cushion tends to be lighter, whipped texture that making this a better suitor for blemish skin that gets clogged easily or breakouts since it won’t appear as cakey.

Another thing i have to mentioned, perhaps you thought it's better to choose a foundation with a matte finish for combination skin. However, I love this cushion for its translucent finish but without create a oily look.
Obviously you can see from my photo, i have enlarged pores and redness spot around my cheeks and nose, so coverage is still my biggest concern. Thanks to the 2nd skin powder complex technology, the cushion create an even and light skin layer to conceals and blurring imperfections such as blotchiness, redness, or hyper pigmentation while smoothing out my skin tone with a more luminous coverage.

* Well~ please take note that if you have blemishes to hide, a concealer would probably work better even though this cushion offer a good coverage.
I even bring this to my island trip, dashing from beach to town.
But my makeup can last longer throughout the day without touch up. It is because use the lightest product, the more enduring it will be, especially in hot weather.
Do not worry it is too costly to experiment with this cushion, because The History of Whoo is released a special edition set to help you save on your cosmetics expenditure.
Seol Whitening Cushion Special Edition set contains Radian White Moisture Cushion (15g x 2) and a Primer Base (13ml) at only RM235.
Gongjinhyang:Mi Essential Primer Base
An eastern medicine prescribed makeup base contains ingredients like Hong-ok Baeksan and Seng-gi and jewelry ingredients that gives 3-in-1 effects (moisturizing, provides gloss, skin tone-up) to skin, keeps your skin hydrated, and helps you look gorgeous and lively.
    Texture : moist
    Beauty tips for the ultimate longevity
    Apply primer base before cushion to provides a smooth, even surface for makeup, so your skin needs to be prepped appropriately which will make makeup go on more evenly and last longer.
    Queen's skin always results in a dazzling white. Seol Radiant White Moisture Cushion Foundation enrich every inch of the skin with whitening power, bringing soothing and cooling sensation upon application along with a luxurious glow and the close to perfect whitening transforms into Yang Gui Fei's porcelain-like skin.

    Its combination of whitening, moisturizing properties encased in a luxurious case makes it as a beautiful and effective cushion in your makeup pouch. Moreover, the price is affordably as this can be your all-in-one foundation which can rest assured that your makeup will look perfect and youthful.
    The history of Whoo products are available at Parkson Pavilion, Isetan KLCC, Aeon Mid Valley, Parkson Gurney, Aeon Tebrau and Parkson Imago (coming soon). 
    Online purchase available at ZALORA.

    For more information, please visit :
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