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May 1, 2019

As we can see from the beauty trend in this few years, the “natural” beauty industry is on the rise. How to get rid from the harmful chemicals come in contact with our skin already become a hot topic. It's not great at all when you’re trying to eat healthier but then slathering yourself with toxic beauty ingredients. We will likely never conclusively know the effects of years of daily use of these chemicals. 
Well~ i know sometimes it’s difficult being in control, but you can try your best to avoid.
THANK YOU FARMER is a brand new Korean "Natural" and "Clean" beauty brand. Why say so?

Natural mean it contains plant-based ingredients, and clean beauty is notable for the ingredients which are free of parabens, sulfates, and more. 
THANK YOU FARMER makes beauty products with the best benefit-rich botanicals and rare extracts to achieve balance for healthy skin slowly and 
naturally without burdening the skin. All products are Paraben-free, Cruelty-free, Sulfate-free and dermatologically tested.

In the 'Back to Nature Workshop by Thank You Farmer', we have opportunity to try 3 product lines from the brand which is the “Miracle Age”, “Be Beautiful” and “True Water”. We learned about how to awake our skin energy with these 3 product ranges.

"Skincare is essential, makeup is a choice."

Great skin starts with great skin care and a proper routine, so let's start with the pre-antiaging & nourishing repair line!

Miracle Age skincare line features 2 key ingredients :

Argan Oil - rich in Omega and Vitamin E to remove oxygen radicals, prevents aging and cell damage to revitalize lifeless skin. 
Ceramide NP - Protects the skin from the external stimulations and fortifies the skin’s moisture, retaining capacity to leave your skin moisturized and healthy for a long time. 

 Step 1 : Awaken the skin asleep
Miracle Age Repair Toner (150ml)

Nourishment from the first step with the concentrated essential texture, properly toned skin accepts your upcoming skincare products better. 

     | # Benefits |      

• Replenishes the skin with moisture and nourishment that deeply penetrate the skin. 
• Brightens the skin tone to prevent age spots and blemishes.
• Instantly moisturize the skin and sooth the sensitive skin. 
• Awaken the skin asleep to enhance the penetration and adherence of other skincare products. 

Texture : thick and rich liquid compared to toner in general.

Although the texture is thicker, but it isn't greasy and well absorbed into skin. It leaves my skin feeling plumper.

Right after cleansing, dampen a cotton pad with toner or dispense onto palm to apply gently over face. You can also pour plenty of the Miracle Age Repair Toner on cotton pad as a sheet mask and place it on your face for 5~10 minutes.For me, I like about the cotton method instead of using hands, because it works better to help gently exfoliates and grab any impurities that may be still sitting on your skin after cleansing.

Step 2 : Lively and firm eyes
Miracle Age Repair Eye Cream (20g)

Containing 5 natural hydrators, an intensive care for firm, lively eyes.

     | #Benefits |     

• Functional wrinkle-correcting adenosine firm and plump the eye area.
• Antioxidants 
• Whitening brighten the eye area and leave the eye area healthy and full of life.
• Cream cheese texture forms a powerful protective barrier over the thin eye area.

Texture : Concentrated cream as rich as cream cheese

Do not afraid of the cream cheese texture because its rich nourishment and moisturization helps to burst active ingredients upon application. The texture is smooth and gentle, a tiny amount of the rich and silky cream is enough for both eyes.

Apply a small amount on both ring fingers to gently circle around the eye area. Apart from the eye area, you can tapping with a small amount of eye cream to the weak nasolabial wrinkle, apply on dry lips and wrap it for 1~3 minutes for a calming lip mask effect and apply from the clavicle to the bottom of your chin in an upwards direction, it will help give elasticity to the neck.

 Step 3 : Firmly restored from the foundation
Miracle Age Repair Serum (60ml)
This repair serum can firm the skin’s core and improve the skin’s circulation.

     | #Benefits |     

• Functional wrinkle-correcting adenosine and skin barrier fortifying. 

• Firmly reinforce the skin inside and out and restore overall balance for healthier skin.

• Triple care with circulation (skin tone+texture+hydration)

Texture : Rich and concentrated. 

It is lightweight if compare to the toner. It will turns into hydrating nourishment from liquid upon 
application because of micro capsules are filled with concentrated oils for the unique 
texture, after that embrace the skin as smoothly as silk for deep penetration of active ingredients.

After toner, apply the rich serum over face and neck. As it really works well as moisturizer agent, here is some beauty tips if you have a dry skin problem :
- Drops of oil into the serum on night skincare routine, this makes the skin soft and helps increases the adhesiveness when doing make up the next morning.
- Apply a small amount of serum and wrapping it for 2~3 minutes specially onto the dry elbow and heel, you may be able to feel soft and gentle skin.

 Step 4 : Perfect finish for your anti-aging care

Miracle Age Repair Cream (50ml)
A repair cream with antioxidants to protect the skin.

     | #Benefits |     

• Antioxidants to block oxygen radicals (the major cause of aging).
• 10 natural ingredients relieve stimulation quickly sooth the skin that has become red and sensitive due to external stimulations. 
• Fortify the barriers.
• Enhance the moisture capacity of dull, rough skin. 

Texture : Rich and thick cream filled with nourishment and oil.

Our country is a humid climate, all of us are looking for the face cream that is moisturise enough but won't clog our pores. This repair cream is in thick texture, it does not give you a sticky feeling.
Apply on face and neck and smooth from bottom up. Or using it as your perfect sleeping mask, apply 2~3 spoons on your face, lightly massage with your finger or a massage roller.

After skincare routine, sunblock and make up come next.
Be Beautiful makeup line enhance the adherence of makeup and sun protection, meanwhile captures the moisture in the skin for long-lasting makeup. This product line contains 2 main ingredients which is contain Niacinamide for whitening and anti-wrinkle, various natural extracts for skin soothing to cover flaws and leave the skin healthier. 
I tried 2 products (Luminous CC Cream & Natural BB cream) during the workshop, both have same function work multiple tasks in a bottle- whitening, wrinkle improvement and Sunscreen SPF30 PA++. 
Apply onto several spots of face in the base makeup stage and smooth over face, achieve a more smoother skin effect without fingerprints by using Thank You Farmer’s skincare brush.
Be beautiful Luminous CC Cream (40ml)
The CC cream with fine pearls to bring a glow and vitality to the dull skin that lacks radiance

This CC cream will give you a shinny and luminous finish, so i prefer to mixing the CC cream with Thank You Farmer’s Natural BB cream for a seamless shine. I used CC cream as a highlighter dot on above my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, on the inner corners of eyes, and above my cupid’s bow.
Be beautiful Natural BB cream (40ml) 
 If you prefer more natural coverage of skin flaws that can covered including blemishes, acne scars, and freckles, choose BB cream as it can evens the skin with pores and unevenness.

 Lastly, feed some vitamin on your skin with True Water range.
 True Water Vita Mist (105ml)
It is a double hydration of moisture + oil, enriched with 13 vitamins to optimize oil moisture balance and restore vitality. 
Look at the bottle, obviously it is a double layer of clear water + yellow oil. Shake well until the Vita moisture phase is thoroughly mixed with the oil phase, the Vita capsules that generate when shaken thoroughly moisturize the skin, while the oil phase forms a moisture barrier for long lasting hydration. 

I can't stop to smell it, it is so refreshing! 
Spray 3-5 times over face, use it in the first step of skincare to minimize moisture loss for greater penetration of skincare ingredients. Not only for face, it can be use to hydrates and nourish body, hair, fingernail, and other rough part. It can even using with makeup for dead skin cells, radiance, and adherence!
There is no such magic in the world, THANK YOU FARMER insists to study products that can deliver the effective products to fortify the skin’s natural strength, not for fleeting effects.
Recommended for you who have dull, dry and lack of radiance skin. 
THANK YOU FARMER products are now available at all SaSa Malaysia outlets and selected AEON stores.

For more information, please visit: 
Instagram: @thankyoufarmer_my

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