Hoshino Coffee Mid Valley 1st anniversary menu & coffee seminar

December 13, 2018

It's been a year since my last blogpost for Hoshino Coffee Mid Valley grand opening celebration in Malaysia, my previous blog is introduced about their ambience and food, you can check it out at here.

In conjunction to celebrating Hoshino Coffee Mid Valley 1st anniversary and Christmas festival, there is a special menu available only at Mid Valley branch on 4th December 2018 onwards.
“Omu Rice” & Mozzarella Tomato Shrimp with Salad
What is “Omu Rice”? It means Omelette rice in japanese, and also is my must-eat food when i visit Japan. “Omu Rice” is a popular western style Japanese dish, it is a sweet and savory ketchup fried rice covering in a soft scrambled eggs in ketchup.

Hoshino's Omu rice version does not disappointed me, i was impressed with that luscious blanket of soft scrambled eggs which is so silky smooth and fluffy. Garnish it with the tomato cream sauce is just prefect.
Fuwa Fuwa Fluffy Souffle Doria Rice
It is so interesting when i saw this Fuwa Fuwa Fluffy Souffle Doria Rice served on my table, i feel so curious what is inside the wobbly golden hue puffy top. 
Then i just dig through the fluffy egg soufflé, it is enclosing the tomato rice! Taste similar to "Omu rice" but this is more aromatic and savoury, because it is a baked dish.
Kindly take note that 20 minutes preparation is needed for baking time.
Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice
Deep fried Chicken Cutlet with Hoshino Curry sauce and an onsen egg.
Teriyaki chicken Sandwich
The delightful teriyaki chicken and Tamago Mayo (egg mayo ) with wasabi Mayonnaise were sandwiched in between of Hoshino's signature toasted breads. 
Double Cheese Toast
Inspired by pizza, Hoshino Coffee using their signature fluffy toast and spread all the ingredients on the toast such as homemade Pomodoro sauce, cheeses, sausage and bacon. Then bake it. The portion of this baked dish is not big but easily feel full after a few bites, i think it is better to be sharing.
Strawberry Pancake 
Pancake Soufflés are Hoshino Coffee’s best-selling desserts, it should definitely not be missed out. This strawberry pancake is limited edition for Christmas season, a freshly baked pancake which covered with whipped cream and topping with Vanilla Ice cream & strawberries, it is so photogenic and delicious! 

     | Hoshino Coffee Seminar |     
On a side note, Hoshino Coffee created a programme to teach you how to brew coffee and the basic knowledge about the coffee and beans.
During coffee seminar, Tomohiro Arai who are Senior Barista of DOUTOR NICHIRES holdings Co.,Ltd & Doutor Coffee Co.,Ltd. will show you the basics of Pour Over coffee with V60, tell the different of Arabica & Robusta Beans, also share with you what is Single Origins & Blends. 
You can make your own Hoshino Blend Coffee and receive a free bag of coffee.

For more information, visit Hoshino Coffee's Facebook.

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