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December 10, 2018

Collagen is is a major component of your skin plays a role in provides elasticity to the skin, responsible for the replacement of dead skin cells to achieve a healthier and more youthful appearance. Do you know collagen is the most abundant protein which has around 30% in the human body?

Our bodies produce collagen naturally but as we get older, with a sudden drop in collagen, the skin appears saggy and dryness, fine lines will turn into deep creases. No doubt, slathering on lifting or anti-aging skincare products can certainly help, but one of the best way to stay young and healthy inside and out is consume collagen supplements.
3 weeks ago, i had a chance to try Joymix Pure Collagen Powder
Comes from South Korea, it is a collagen powder with small molecular weight 500-1500 Dalton which easily absorb into our skin. It help smooth skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, promoting skin whitening, building stronger bone and joint health as well as strengthening hair and fingernails. 
     | #Benefits |     
• Firming of skin elasticity
• Reduce of wrinkles
• Prevent hair loss and nail brittleness
• Strong bone and joint
• No bacteria contamination
• Low heavy metal contamination

I have been eating Joymix Pure Collagen powder everyday in this 3 weeks, i found there are little increase hydration in the skin, skin elasticity was also improved. Yes! this is my main concern because it is a key factor in how well you age. I am happy with positive results as i start seeing in my skin after taking this for a period of time. 
 [First week after consume]
Mild tighten my skin, brighten skin tone but still some spots noticeable. 
 [Third week after consume]
My skin is getting firmer than first week, looks better and healthier.

Add 1 spoon of Joymix Pure Collagen powder into your favourite drink such as coffee, tea, Milo & fruit juice. I prefer mix it into my coffee because i always have coffee in the morning.
Joymix Pure Collagen powder has a very little fish smell, it has no harm added to plain water but i don't suggest to do so because it doesn't taste nice. One bottle Joymix Pure Collagen powder can consume for 2 months, just pick your favorite way to take it, and the collagen will do the best on your skin.

For more information and purchase, visit Joymix website at

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