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July 24, 2018

If you are fans of k-pop, if you are Big Bang's fan, you must be aware with the Seungri (Big Bang’s member) appearance during the grand opening of a Korean restaurant in TREC KL. 
Yes! It is YG Republique
YG Republique is an eat-out concept restaurant operated and owned by YG Entertainment. The restaurant is a multi-faceted restaurant complex which combines Samgeori Butcher’s 삼거리 푸주간 - a BBQ grill restaurant that specialise in Iberico pork and serves top-notch pork & beef, a pub called, K-Pub - where you can drink a wide varieties of beer, cocktails, soju, etc. 
This is a must visit spot for YG fans, so am i. The ample space is a downtown Seoul in the hippest for the senses, modern vintage charm design with a massive Pop Art wall murals of YG artists and liven up with K-pop background music. It is the coolest Korean entertainment restaurant with great food, good drink and glorious time all under one roof, give you a fabulous experience which more than just BBQ dining.
Do not miss out the wall of signatures from Korean famous artists! 
Can you spot the signature of a few members of Big Bang?
My hubby G-Dragon's signature!!!!! He signed on this after his concert in Malaysia.
Every corner is so insta-worthy! 
Samgeori Butcher’s serving only the finest cuts, their signature is the 4 different types of premium pork cuts that are cured in Cypress Pine. So we ordered a mix of Iberico Belly (150g) , Iberico Neck (150g) and Iberico Abanico (150g). 
Price : RM48 for Iberico Belly (150g) , RM65 for Iberico Neck (150g), RM55 for Iberico Abanico(150g)
Same as other Korean BBQ, you will be served with a various pickled vegetables, such as radish, choy sum, cucumber, and potato. Few special sauces (garlic mustard, hot pepper pickle and Anchovy sauce) will be given to developed to accentuate the pork flavours. 
They wrapped the raw meat in butcher’s paper to add a touch of interest and creative to a simple presentation. 
In Samgeori Butcher’s, we don't need to grill the meat by ourself. The staff will proceed to grill them over a barbecue grill.
Much thanks to the underground ventilation system from barbecue grill, you can't see the suction of air from the top as like the typical Korean bbq restaurant. You can barely smell the sizzling meat during dining at all, also you wont smell like bbq pit at all when leaving the restaurant which is pretty amazing.

My favourite is Iberico Abanico, that is a cut from the frontal part of the carcass, between the collar and the pork back fat, nothing short of exquisite which makes it perfect for the barbecue and it is a marbled cut that melts in your mouth.
Apart from the must-try delicacy, elevated menu items that we tried includes :
A very unique Korean salad with a combination of finely sliced raw leeks with soya and vinegar dressing, then topped with a raw egg yolk. 
Korean famous Budae Jigae  RM 60 
The generous portion can serves up to 2-3 pax. This is a Korean famous soup with mixture of pork, sausage, ham, bean, kimchi, ramen and rice cake.
Janchi Noodles  RM 25
Noodles in a light broth that have been cook for 48 hours. It is nothing fancy and with a mild flavor.
Butcher’s Pork Fried Rice  RM 25 (for 1 pax)  |  RM 50 (for 2 pax) 
Big love to this Butcher’s Pork Fried Rice! An aromatic fried rice with diced pork, enhance the flavours with aged kimchi and chipotle sauce. Not really impressed at the first glance, but after stirred the fried rice in the yolk, it was so flavourful with subtle spiciness!
K-Fried Chicken  RM 25 (M)  |  RM 40 (L)
My another favourite. This deep fried chicken with succulent meat inside and golden crispy outer layer, coated with spicy-sweet homemade sauce. Best paired with chimac (Chi Mac literally means Chicken & Beer).
Mixed Meat Platter   RM 75
The platter contains grilled pork belly and jaw, served with salad and fries.
A fantastic lunch for me at Samgeori Butcher's, i was really enjoy my dining experience with premium quality food in a hipper atmosphere. Don't waste your chance to experience a taste of Seoul without buying a flight ticket. If you are looking for a premium pork cut in a Korean BBQ, I would highly recommend this place for you.
Samgeori Butcher's YG Republique
HG-01 & HG-02 Hive, TREC,
438, Jalan Tun Razak,
Kuala Lumpur.
Opening hours : Lunch 12pm – 3pm | Dinner 6pm – 2am
Tel: +603-2110 4104

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