Explore the ancient city Angkor Wat at Siem Reap

May 8, 2018

Hey my dear reader, finally i am back for my travel blog. I didn't update my blog frequently recently as i focus on my Instagram profile, honestly it is so great when client only request to post an IG photo, i don't need to edit 1725 photos, i don't need to racking my brains all day for a blogpost, it is usually took my few hours for a blogpost. But as a blogger, i felt a bit sad because the product / information that you posted on IG, it won't show in Google so you can't find your social media post even though you key in any keyword. Anyway, please support my IG if you haven't! =)
Alright, back to the topic. I visited Siem Reap on the end of October last year, actually I've been wanting to blog about this for a long time but i was really busy. Nobody will believe when i told them that i am going to Cambodia, why? I am not that princess ok! Yay! Brother is the one who suggest and book air ticket to fly there, i am the companion of my mum, LOL!

Apart from Angkor Wat, i am not really like this country. There are nothing much to shop around, no shopping mall and not many cafe in the town. We spent most of the time at hotel, went out for lunch/ dinner at Pub Street, been threatening by local kid at night market because he thought i am recording the foreigner eating bugs at his stall but actually i am not (please be aware if you don't make purchase at this kind of stall, they will charge you video/ photo shooting fees). Although Siem Reap is not a rich country but the living expenses is higher as they are using USD, everything is x3 except beers! Their beers is damn cheap! So i don't have mood to blog about that, will share more photos here this time.

Siem Reap is widely renowned as the gateway to Angkor Wat, the millennium-old temple ruins of the Khmer Empire. In Siem Reap, you can don't bother of OOTD, try to blend into their slow-paced but expensive lifestyle. Beneath the dusty streets of Siem Reap, the place is lacking of hygiene, please try don't eat street food as much as possible. Tuk Tuk is one of the main transportation in Siem Reap, one way is about USD3.
My 4D3N stays at here, a luxury residences and villas with reasonable price, strongly recommended to you all.
I booked Premier Deluxe Pool View at total price of RM1509.78. The hotel offered Free upgrade to bigger room (Junior Suite) for us, i'm feel kinda lucky at first but i was shocked when i saw the bathroom. 
There is no door for the bathroom! Of course i don't mind if i am coming with my boy, how to stay in this suite with my brother? At the end, we use bed sheet to hang in front of bathroom. 
Included Free Breakfast everyday, Free one night dinner, Free Parking, Free High-Speed Internet and Free return airport transfer. 
Everything is so good in this hotel except internet connection, wifi ain't working most of the time T_T. I think the internet connection problem is not only happened in my hotel, i rent a pocket wifi before depart from KL but it isn't working also no matter in hotel or in town. If you plan to go there, you can save your wifi rental money. =P
Metta Residence & Spa
Phum Salakamreuk, Sangkat Salakamreuk, Siem Reap, 17251 Cambodia

To explore Angkor Wat, firstly we have to pay entrance fees for a visit to the Angkor World Heritage. There are 1, 3 or 7 days pass, we bought 1 day pass cost USD37 per adult which is valid only on the day of purchase. 
I thought Angkor World Heritage is Angkor Wat, so when we have to choose transportation to destination, i choose tuk tuk as the charges is USD20 for whole day. I'm regretful for choosing it because Angkor World Heritage is huge like a town with 400 square km, i have to ride the windowless tuk tuk under hot sun and travel around the area! 
FYI, Angkor pass is valid for all monuments in the Siem Reap area, except for Being Mealea and Phnom Kulen. You need to show the pass while visit any of the temples within the park. 
Important: Make sure wear respectful clothing that your shoulders and knees are covered when visit Angkor World Heritage.
     | Angkor Wat |     
Angkor Wat is an ancient city in Cambodia that was the center of the Khmer empire that once ruled most of Southeast Asia and the largest religious monument in the world. 
     | Pub Street |      
Opening Hours: 4pm till 3am
Address: Street 8, Krong Siem Reap

The heart of Siem Reap’s tourism beats around Pub Street and the Old Market. Old Market is too old for us, there are some stall of scarves, T-shirts, sunglasses, flip-flops, and souvenirs. Hence, we head to the pub street everyday for food hunt.
Draft beer at USD $0.50 - $1 ONLY!
Do not miss out their BBQ steamboat, you can eat crocodile meats there!
Amok is Cambodia’s national dish, it is baked fish curry in banana leaf or an amok tasting platter with four varieties. Strolling around the heart of the Alley, there are a lot of restaurant selling this!
Sister Srey Cafe
Address: 200 Pokambor Avenue, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia
It is a funky and fun cafe on the riverfront near Psar Chaa, offers breakfast menu, western food, good coffee and dessert. 
That's all for my Cambodia trip, now i am going to pack my luggage and get ready to Oppa land! 
Stay tuned for my next travel blog ya, xoxo.

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