Global Milbon new collection : Repair, Anti-Frizz and Volume

May 26, 2018

How many times did i mention that Milbon is my favourite haircare brand? I can't remember LOL! Once again, it is my all-time favourite and i have been using Milbon product since 6 years ago (or more than that). 

" 360º beautiful hair, beautiful from the inside out" is how Milbon approach the world. It's pioneering new techniques and treatments, and becoming inspirational leaders of professional haircare brand in Japan. For more than 5 decades of cutting-edge research delivered a major breakthrough, a range of products specially designed to repair never-before-seen parts of your hair, make sure every stylist who uses Milbon products can benefit from the latest discoveries.

Thanks to Nekderx for the exclusive invitation of new Global Milbon series launched at Shook! StarHill Gallery. Without further ado, let me introduce the 3 new addition into Global Milbon haircare range : Repair, Anti-Frizz and Volume.
Volume range is suitable for fine or flat hair. It strengthening hair cuticle with persimmon tannin to create lift, body and volume.
Repair range is specially designed for severely damaged and over processed hair, i believe many people need this because light color hair is the trend in recent years. Using double repair technology, Repair range restores hair to look, feel and behave as if it had never been damaged in the first place with CMADK which is a repairing ingredient that prolongs the repair effect of SSVR-Silk.
For your info, SSVR-Silk is a powerful, silk-based complex which supersedes these hollow tubular gaps and improves hair's overall integrity, inside and out.

Anti-Frizz range developed with Aqua Balancing Technology that gives moisturizing ingredient integrates moisture in hair to control frizz, while defining natural waves and curls. 

Another reason why i love Milbon so much is because every product boasts a pleasant, refreshing and botanical scent. It leave my hair smelling great and relaxes my mind in the shower. For more information about Global Milbon, check it out at their Facebook Page.

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