Pay your bill via JomPAY and win Mini John Cooper Works cars!

May 26, 2018

Are you serious?! Pay your bill and win a car?!
Yasssss! From now until 30 Sept, make online payment via JomPAY and stand a chance to win RM 1.7 million in prizes including two limited edition Mini John Cooper Works cars!
 JomPAY is Malaysia’s national bill payment scheme established and operated by Payments Network Malaysia Sdn Bhd (PayNet). With JomPAY, bank customers can pay any registered Biller from Internet or Mobile banking or ATMs by drawing funds from Current, Savings or Credit Card accounts. Billers need only sign up with one bank to collect payments via most all banks across Malaysia.

JomPAY has launched the Fire This Baby Up – JomPAY Like a Champion and Win campaign which offers RM 1.7 million in prizes including two limited edition Mini John Cooper Works cars. The contest will run until 30 September 2018. 
Everyone can participate in the contest by just saving JomPAY billers as favourites in the Internet Banking of any of the 40 participating banks in Malaysia and subsequently making JomPAY payments using the favourites.
The winners of the Grand Prizes, two limited edition Mini John Cooper Works cars, will be announced in July and October 2018 respectively. There are also monthly and weekly cash rebates and prizes from participating banks collectively worth RM1,100,000 to be won.
The campaign aims to reward online banking users who make JomPAY payments. JomPAY is a convenient, fast and secure way of paying their bills and invoices. Customers can JomPAY anytime, anywhere through the Internet, Mobile Banking or ATM of their preferred bank. Best of all, JomPAY is free for customers making payments.

Mr Peter Schiesser, Group Chief Executive Officer of PayNet said “We are excited to launch this campaign for the third consecutive year. JomPAY’s transaction volume has grown by more than 214% annually as more bank customers discover the convenience of JomPAY. Once you save your billers as JomPAY favourites in online banking, it then takes only a few seconds to JomPAY your bills”.
“Billers and businesses using JomPAY for payment collections need only connect to one bank to collect payments from banks in Malaysia. Once a business enrols with JomPAY, banks across the country work 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to collect payments for the business,” added Mr Schiesser.
I’m all set, let’s go! oops! Let's join and win the car, all the best to you!

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