Satin and ultra-luminous finish with Sisley Phyto-Blanc Cushion Foundation

March 1, 2018

I always have to apply full makeup to attend event because i know a flawless look makes a huge difference. Of course there are so many different makeup trends to try every year, but no look is complete without the right base. Once you get the right foundation, applying makeup to your face will be a breeze!
However, i've heard your concerns : 
" There are many options of cushion foundation in the market, which should we try it out? "
Choosing from a foundation, BB cream, Tinted SPF Moisturizers or CC cushion, It really all depends on how you want your skin to look. If you’re more of a natural complexion type of person, I would like to recommend you to use CC cushion. 
I am obsessed with Cushion compacts. Oh well~ If there is a CC cushion that can block UV rays and pollution, whilst offer lightening and protective properties also, that will be the best! Pollution and long UVA rays are harmful as they produce free radicals able to penetrate the skin, thereby fostering the appearance of pigmentation disorders such as age alter melanin production, and pigmentation irregularities (dark spots, dull complexion). 
Finally, i found it! Sisley Phyto-Blanc Cushion Foundation SPF 30 / PA+++ is all you need for gorgeous hot weather skin.
Sisley Research has been working on the mechanisms of melanogenesis for more than 15 years. Sisley Phyto-Blanc Cushion Foundation is the first cushion foundation by Sisley and special designed for Asian skin as well as for any woman seeking to make her complexion lighter and more luminous. Day after day, it lightens the complexion and reveals its clarity.
     | Sisley Phyto-Blanc Cushion Foundation SPF 30 / PA+++ , RM460 (14g) |     
There are 3 shades available :
Formulated with active ingredients from the Phyto-Blanc Brightening Daily Defense Fluid with a triple skincare and beauty action to:
1. Block pollution and free radicals 
This triple protection helps prevent the appearance of pigmentation flaws as well as photo-ageing, which is :-
Micronised Titanium Dioxide - provides optimal protection (SPF 30 / PA+++) against UVA and UVB rays. 
Buckwheat seed extract - a peerless anti-pollution active ingredient, protects the skin from atmospheric pollutants and fine particles.
Anti-free radical Vitamin E - derivative strengthens the skin’s natural defences.
2. Boost radiance and light
A combination of three powerful active ingredients (stabilised Vitamin C, Hexyl Resorcinol, modified Rhubarb extract) for a highly effective lightening action, in particular on the complexion. This brightening action is completed with the radiance-boosting effect of Hibiscus flower extract.
3. Moisturise and comfort skin
The formula includes:
- Phytosqualane, which fights skin dryness caused by urban air.
- Pro-vitamin B5, which helps maintain the skin’s moisture levels.
- Wheat sugar derivative, which reinforces the skin’s barrier function by helping to trap water for short- and long-term hydration.
Thanks to innovative casing, you can press the pump to release the desired amount of foundation. It is hygiene and avoid waste. Reapply during the day if needed. 
Phyto-Blanc Cushion Foundation has been specifically designed as part of the Phyto-Blanc skincare routine. For optimal complexion correction, you can apply Instant Correct under Phyto-Blanc Cushion Foundation.
I am using White Pearl shade. 
The light, airy texture of Phyto-Blanc Cushion Foundation makes the skin feel fresh and soft thanks to the combination of two evanescent oils, also allow you to build up if you want more coverage because of the airy texture. It’s light coverage if you only pat one layer. I would suggest to reapply a second layer if you are looking for medium coverage to cover scars or freckles. 
I had skin laser one month before, some scars heal slowly. So I applied 2 layers to cover my scars, i feel it bonds with the skin and leaves it feeling bare. I'm pretty impressed with the pore-minimising effect, it is like “Photoshop” to transform the skin, fading irregularities and leaving perfect skin, with just a few touches. All thanks to the formula which contains a soft-focus gel made with hectorite, which forms an even, smoothing film on the skin that minimises skin imperfections.
My before-and-after shot
Look at my skin, can you see a perfecting glow on my face?  
This is because Phyto-Blanc Cushion Foundation contains with its golden and pink Colour Correct pearls that add light, clarity, and radiance to the skin while providing double correction (Optical and Colour correction) for a perfectly even complexion. I really love the sheer finishing so much!
Phyto-Blanc Cushion Foundation is resists humidity and sweat. It can also be applied as a touch-up any time of day. The pigments, which are coated in plant-derived lecithin, help the make-up to bond with the skin while providing comfort and pure colour for 8 hours. I have combination skin with a slightly oily T-zone, i found my makeup stays put with minimal smudges after a couple of hours later, but my skin still feels moisturise and comfortable. No worries, i can touch up it as much as i can to minimize shine.
Love this Phyto-Blanc Cushion Foundation for its satin-smooth, airy texture that offers a natural glow and luminous finishing.
Sisley Phyto-Blanc Cushion Foundation (14g) retails at RM460 and refilled packs is RM360 each. It will be available in all Sisley’s counter from 1st March 2018! 
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