March 26, 2018

Rimmel London, UK’s no.1 cosmetic brand, is finally enters Malaysia. This is definitely a good news to beauty enthusiasts all over Malaysia craving a bolder, edgier, easy to achieve ON-TREND look. A cutting-edge makeup brand, Rimmel London embodies the quintessential London girl who is authentic, real, bold, confident and expressive. The brand’s tagline of ‘LIVE THE LONDON LOOK’ is equal part nods to London city’s unique vibe filled with cultural richness, a sense of freedom and diversity. It also takes inspiration that beauty is all inclusive – coming in different shades, looks, features and highlights. 
In a nutshell, the London Look is whatever you want it to be, no matter where you are in the world. 
Officiating it’s coming out at a swag party with homegrown Rebel Squad in an A-List studded event that brought alive the brand’s London City for one night only, i am invited to this big bang launch with other leading beauty influencers and social media superstars. The launch served as a call-to-action for young Malaysian beauty millennials and members of Generation Z to ditch the ‘classic’ approach to makeup and have the confidence to reinvent the rules of beauty and champion the Power of Self Expression with the launch campaign mantra of Make Up Your Own Rules!
To further highlight and celebrate the edgy London Look vibe, Rimmel introduced a visual signature, the double L frame, to inspire memorable pictures with a bold attitude. Easy to create with the thumb and index finger of each hand, the LL makes the perfect face-framing pose.
Not a brand to be stuck in tradition, the launch party hosted at my friend's custom motorcycle garage, the Gasket Alley. 
The start of the launch campaign was marked with the creation of four iconic London Looks inspired by four boroughs of London City; each borough has its own distinctive and unique makeup look. Resulting in four unique looks representing a different character, mood and attitude.
Matching up to the four iconic looks, up and coming KL’s personalities formed a Rimmel Rebel Squad headed by - Chacha Maembong, Ashley Lau, Nina Khalil, and Rubini Sambanthan and supported by makeup artist to the stars, Noriana the Face designer. These looks consist of: 
Spotlight Grunge, inspired by North London, is a look that is cool yet glamourous and is ready to be in the spotlight anytime! 
Experimental Hipster, inspired by East London, is a hold-no-bars look that is fun and unique. 
Fearless Chic, inspired by West London, is a look that is poised yet fearless, ready to take on the world. 
Edgy Street Glam, inspired by South London, is edgy and fashionable and stands out! 
Makeup enthusiasts can pick up Rimmel London’s hero products, the new ‘Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour’ in 15 shades for boldness that stays on and ‘Brow This Way’ range of innovative brow products to #browlikecara; as well as explore Rimmel London’s full range of products at selected Watsons and Guardian stores in Peninsular Malaysia. 
Visit Rimmel London Malaysia’s official Facebook Page or Instagram at @rimmellondonmy for more information on the products, inspiration for fleek makeup looks.

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