Hair Care : La Biosthetique Protection Cheveux Complexe (PCC) Treatment

January 8, 2018

Hey girls! Don't be lazy to take care yourself from top to toe after Christmas and New Year Eve celebration, because Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day is coming soon. Girls always get busy take care of your skin and body, but don't forget your hair. Keep your hair in good condition should be part of your regular self- care routine. 
We all know what bad hair days feel like and we don't want to. With all the colouring, bleaching, perming and straightening, these all chemicals do cause hair damage, even when professionally applied. It is important to have regular conditioning treatments that suitable for your hair type. Recently, I've try the latest La Biosthetique Protection Cheveux Complexe (PCC) Treatment. 
The PCC Treatment has been bio-chemically engineered for a lasting regeneration of the damaged hair. Consisting 4 main ingredients which offer 5x power to reconnected sulphur bonds before disintigration can take place, this 4 main ingredients are :
1. Cysteine - stops permanent damage to sulphur during color process.
2. Cross-link Cysteine - rebuilds and cross-links natural sulphur bonds.
3. Magnesium - fortifies sulphur bonds with additional strength. 
4. Keratin - fills gaps to stabilise hair structure. 

The system care of PCC Treatment with revolutionary molecular active ingredient complex protects the hair structure from the inside and the outside. So instead of fixing the surface of hair, PCC Treatment also reconstructs the sulphur bridges in the hair and refills the keratin gaps, good for damaged hair.
Media launching hosted by Mr. Alexander from La Biosthetique. 
A demonstration of PCC Treatment, look at the model's damage hair, you will get amazed on how  Mr. Alexander make an amazing magic on her hair later.
The model's hair was become bouncier and healthy instantly  after the treatment. 
Alright, you can't expect the silky smooth hair after PCC Treatment. Don't get me wrong, what i mean is this PCC Treatment will help you to remove tangles, make your hair look supple, healthier and shinning. Well~ of course nice hair may not be the most important thing in life, but it's amazing how shinny and healthy hair can make us feel unstoppable. 
It's time to pamper your hair. =)
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