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January 8, 2018

Recently, i was getting bored of traditional Japanese foods, because there are not many great Japanese cuisine in Klang Valley, few of these certain Japanese restaurants that i frequently visit. I wish to find a new Japanese restaurant that can surprise me, and then i found. =)
Chef Danny Leow who has been trained in Japanese Fusion by respectable chefs from Japan. He won HAPA’s Best Fusion Japanese Award in 2010 & MIGF’s Best Chef Award 2012, he has been interviewed on various media including television and newspapers. Now, you can experienced his great passion in creating artistic food at Hisho.
Located at DC Mall which is one of the hippest edgy dining hub in the Damansara Heights, Hisho achieves a fusion of culinary styles with a touch of creativity while attributing a distinct character to every delicacy. Chef Danny presents a fusion Japanese menu complimenting both delicious delights and visually appealing, with a twist! 
Chef Special Sashimi Bowl
The delectable tour begins with the huge beautiful platter of sashimi. Indulged in this freshest selection, it was divinely good!
Tako Kimuchi with Mango Salsa    RM 25
Let's imagine a surreal world within your realm of reality. This is unlike from the usual tako (small octopus) you always have, Chef Danny's Tako Kimuchi is marinated with Kimuchi sauce and spicy mayo, then served with the mango salsa. The sauce painted each morsel with a stroke of phenomenal flavor. Absolutely appetising!
Wagyu Roll    RM 50
This is definitely what you must opted for when you stumbled across on their menu! 
A sliced Japanese wagyu with finely interspersed specks of fat called marbling, covering the sushi rice ball and being lightly torched. 
It's so addictive I can't put it down, juiciness of Wagyu is fully absorbed into sushi rice, i like the good beefy flavour and a rich juiciness. 
 Volcano Roll    RM 38
Sushi rolls are stacked with Avocado, crab meat and cucumber, topped with some salmon roe then generously drowned with Hisho's special sauce.
Toro Maki    RM 28
Packed with Vitamin B3, B6, and B12, this minced premium Tuna Belly in Hosomaki Style is healthy, nutritious, and simply delicious.
Jitori Summibiyaki     RM 18
Guess, what is this? 
The dish is covered by the transparent dish cover lid with a dense white smoke inside. When the lid is opened, i thought it was grilled fish but actually this is their signature charcoal grilled boneless chicken!  
The grilled chicken is juicy and tender, the smoke trapped inside that infuse a unique smokey flavour into the chicken, Chef Danny make a twist of a classic relies on a double infusion of smoky flavor.
Oyakodon    RM 15
Simmered warm chicken, soft and silky egg, and onion on a fluffy bed of rice. Served together with Miso soup. Such a soul-satisfying comfort food!
 Beef Sukiyaki Don   RM 28
Topped with Sautéed sliced beef, tofu, onion and onsen Tamago on the steam rice. Served together with Miso soup.
 Premium Zaru Soba    RM 40
It is a cold dish, colourful and fresh premium seafood combination on chilled Buckwheat noodle with special cold soba sauce. 
In the midst of all of this, our friend bring us the sparkling wine Sieur D'arques On the Rocks that adds an exquisite touch to our dinner. Using 100% of Mauzac, a rare grape variety that translates to flavors of apple, honey and white flowers. 
Sieur D'arques On the Rocks expresses a natural sweet, fruity taste and slightly acidic feeling with only 6% alcohol. In the mouth, the mauzac develops a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity, revealing a beautiful smooth fruitiness. It's a pleasant sparkling wine that ideal to be chilled for a refreshing. 
For more information and purchase, please visit Boutiq Wine Website

In Hisho, I was pleasantly impressed with the quality and freshness of the ingredients, also enjoyed the visual delight of their food plating. Surprisingly, the price is reasonable. Highly recommended to you who are looking for delicious delights and visually appealing but without breaking the bank.
Hisho Japanese Cuisine
L2-17 2nd Floor, DC Mall,
Jalan Damanlela,
Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.

Opening Hours : 11am - 3pm  |  6pm - 10pm
Tel : +603-2011 2666

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