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November 19, 2017

Hey! Welcome back to my travel blog!
I think my travel blogpost is the only one which i will update some personal thought at there, because my blog is quite commercial full-filled with a lots of event, information and reviews. I prefer update my personal things on my IG instead of FB or here, sorry i love to keep things private. 
September - October, I've had my ups and downs, I've been belted into that roller. I try to keep myself busy and avoid overthinking, i turn my live into a never-ending assembly line, where my to-do list never-ending. For me, the last 3 months before the end of the year is extraordinarily busy, I have a lot of event/ party/ birthday celebration, travelling, also non-stop working on my bakery and blogging. 

I learn how to appreciate little things in life and love myself better. It is so much difficult for me, i took quite some time to learn how to say NO, how to defend myself if i am not happy with that. 
No doubt, travel is one of my happiness source :P
My friend and I managed to visit Nha Trang on early of October, it was our very last minute trip. It is new route of AirAsia, I believe Malaysians are not familiar with Nha Trang, same to me when i heard my friend suggested this place to me. He did everything includes air flight + hotel booking, research and itinerary, but we found there are not more than 5 attraction spots worth to visit, so i decided to book a nicer hotel at least i can enjoy my sunbath at the beach. 

Actually there are a lot of people ask me about Nha Trang after they saw my IG photos. As usual, i will just list down everything i did in Nha Trang, i won't make my travel blog into commercial style unless it is a sponsored post (then i got no choice LOL!)
     | Where is Nha Trang? |     
Nha Trang is a coastal city and capital of Khánh Hòa Province, on the South Central Coast of Vietnam. It is best known for its beautiful sandy beaches and scuba diving, Nha Trang Bay widely considered as among the world's most beautiful bays. It is already very popular with Vietnamese tourists, recently developed into a popular destination for international tourists especially from China. During my visit, i found that 70% of tourists are come from China, 25% from Russia. The Vietnamese in Nha Trang cannot speak too well in English but they speak fluent in Chinese! Honestly, i feel like i'm in somewhere of China. ==! 

     | My 5D4N Trip : Food + Stay + Budget |     
It was a 5D4N trip, yes! 5 Days 4 Nights! What should i do in this 5D4N??? I clearly remember i want go for 4D3N instead of 5D4N, but when the time i received message from my friend, he said : " I already book air tickets + hotels for 5D4N." I don't even know when is my travel date, funny huh? If you ask me, I would say 4D3N is just nice for you. 
My 'Vietnamese trendy raincoat' look 
The trip was very relaxing except the 1st and 2nd day because of non-stop raining (really never stop!) which totally spoiled my plan and the beach, the color of sand and sea turned into yellowish. 
     | #Luggage |      
Girls, be smart! Purchase checked baggage if you plan to bring your swimwear, your fancy hard case luggage, camera, iPad, flat irons (for hair-styling), makeup pouch, another pair of shoes etc, just like me! 
My friend didn't pre-book checked baggage for me, i bring my cabin size hard case luggage and all the things as i mentioned above, i got no problem when i departure from KL. But the problem is, when i going back from Nha Trang, AirAsia counter will check the weight of any pieces of baggage/ handbag/ plastic bag that you carry. They told me that my cabin size baggage which is overweight, i have to pay USD40 to purchase checked baggage and it’s only limited to 15kg instead of 25kg! 
     | #Internet |      
I didn't book pocket wi-fi this round, i don't want to carry that heavy thing and power bank walk around, also i found it is cheaper if i buy sim card at Nha Trang. 
This is my tourist simcard from Mobifone, so sorry that i totally forgot the price of these, but it can support enough for my daily internet as i am a heavy internet user to upload pictures and watch drama. You can get it at airport.
     | #Food |     
Food in Nha Trang is not bad, not too expensive also. We went most of the cafe or restaurants with nice ambience and nice food, i think the most expensive in Nha Trang is bar expenses as they charged my Gin Tonic at 170,000 VND (RM31+) each excluded tax and service charges.
Sailing Club Nha Trang
Address: 72-74 Trần Phú, Vĩnh Nguyên, Tp. Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa 570000, Vietnam
The most popular restaurant & pub at Nha Trang beach. 
RuNam Bistro Nha Trang 
Address: 32-34 Trần Phú, Lộc Thọ, Tp. Nha Trang, Lộc Thọ 650000, Vietnam
This is our most expensive dinner but their food is nice. 
In Vietnam, Bánh mì is a must-try food! It is Vietnamese baguette.
You can see this everywhere along the street but i don't suggest you to buy those street food, my brother had food poisoning for 4 days because he ate street foods in Vietnam. So we choose to eat this baguette in restaurant. 

Me Trang Coffee
The famous Vietnam traditional coffee.
Qui Cuisine Mixology
Address : Citadines Bayfront Building, 62 Trần Phú, Lộc Thọ Ward Nha Trang
 Fret not, i had been here for 3 days in my 5D4N trip hahaha! I love to explore speakeasy bar in KL, when i was at Nha Trang, it is not many lounge with this kind of concept except QUI. I like its Saigon-based funky fusion concept and luxuriously decorated with warm, wood furnishings, perfectly punchy colours and bold graphic accents.
The mixologist can recognised me when i go on the next day, LOL! 
Vietnam Pho and Spring rolls nearby my hotel.
     | #Flight + Hotel |     
My friend booked via AirAsiaGo which included Flight + Hotel, 5D4N = RM858 / pax
My pocket money : RM800 
I can't believe my daily expenses (food, transportation, shopping) just cost me total RM600!
Hotel : StarCity Nha Trang
My hotel room is big and nice! Elegant minimalism style which so comfy with 5-star modern equipment. One thing i have to mentioned is, you have to pay extra if you want 2 twin beds instead of 1 king-size bed. Don't ask me why, i have no idea also. StarCity is few of them where i don't need to pay extra but with the choice of a king-size bed or two twin beds.
My room view.
Unbelievable their room service is cheap, Pho (Vietnam Beef Noodle) is only cost RM20 each, taste so good!
     | #Tourist Spots |      
Christ the King Cathedral 
Historical architecture finished in 1934, it stands atop a hill in the centre of town. Fascinating church to visit when taking a walk around the area. 
Po Nagar Cham Towers
Po Nagar Cham temple complex was built between 8th and 11th centuries by the Cham people who once ruled the central plain of Vietnam. It is a part of the ancient Champa Kingdom, to honor Yang Ino Po Nagar, Mother of the Kingdom. These impressive towers are set on a hill with views overlooking the Cai River, crowded with fishing trawlers.
The entrance fee : 22,000 VND , opens from 6am to 6pm.
Nha Trang Beach
Ok! All of you are asking me about this beach, so here is it! 
Nha Trang's 6km-long golden-sand beach is the most happening spot at Nha Trang. The water is clear and inviting but during heavy rains, it will gradually turning it a murky brown because run-off from the rivers at each end of the beach.
I can lay on the sun chair whole day for this breathtaking views of the turquoise sea. 
My travel buddy =)
So that's all for the post, hope this is useful for you =)
Just leave your question in the comment box, i will try to answer you if i know. 

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