Healthy Eating Recipe : Terrific Trio U.S Potatoes Salad

November 14, 2017

Home cooked meals are always the nutrient powerhouses, do you agree with me? 
Most of the restaurant food will short-change you nutritionally, but if you make your own meal, you can choose your preferred fresh or organic ingredients, you can make sure your every bite can delivers loads of bio-available, health-supporting nutrients.
Furthermore, eating a healthy home cooked meal can put you on the fast track to a healthier and fitter you.  
Need a quick health fix? I created a healthy and super-easy recipe because recently i have join "U.S. Potato Goodness Fiesta" cooking competition which organised by the Potatoes USA. I don't cook that often, but doesn't mean i not good at cooking. For my recipe, you don’t have to be spending a lot of time cooking but it is healthy and tasty food.
It’s a misconception that the potato is a fattening food, potatoes are one of the most filling foods available and also can be part of a weight management regimen. It’s calories that count, not eliminating a certain food. 
Do you know ONE medium-sized 148gram fresh potato provides : 
• Just 110 calories 
• No fat, no sodium, no cholesterol 
• 30% of your daily value of vitamin C 
• More potassium than a banana (15% of daily value)
U.S. processors use state-of-the-art technology to meet high industry standards. The finished product is instantly quick-frozen to lock in the flavour and nutrients of fresh potatoes. There are different varieties of U.S. frozen potatoes that are available in Malaysia, you can find them in the supermarkets and hypermarkets. 
There are so many varieties of US fresh and frozen potatoes that can be easily prepared in under 30 minutes to keep your meals interesting. You can bake, mash or boil the U.S. potatoes and pair with any protein. 
As we all know one medium-sized (148gram) potato is just 110 calories but can provide 30% of your daily value of vitamin C and more potassium than a banana! So i put all 3 types of U.S. fresh potatoes (U.S Russets U.S Red Potatoes, U.S Purple / Blue Potatoes) in my recipe for the naturally nutrient-dense and mix with other ingredients (with different nutrient) to make my meals looks interesting and colourful. I want my dish to be healthier but without losing the taste, at the meanwhile easy to prepare for all of you.
     Terrific Trio U.S Potatoes Salad     
Ingredients : U.S Russets, U.S Red Potatoes, U.S Purple Potatoes, Beef Bacon, Shallots, Spring Unions, Chopped egg, Mayonnaise, Yellow mustard, sour cream, pomegranate
Part 1: the potato skin
1) Clean U.S Russets with brush to remove any dirt on skin.
2) Boil U.S Russets whole for 10-15mins.

3) Cool down and cut into halves.

4) Scrape meat out from potato to leave a shell leaving roughly 0.5cm of meat still on skin.

* Keep potato meat for part two.
5) season potato skin with salt and black pepper. Coat with tapioca flour and deep-fry till crispy and golden brown.
Part 2: the potato salad
1) Clean U.S Red Potatoes, U.S Purple Potatoes with a brush to remove all dirt.
2) Cut into 1 inch cubes and boil in water for 5-10 minutes .
3) Cool potato down.
4) Saute beef bacon bits till crispy. 
5) Mix Mayonnaise, Yellow mustard, Chopped spring onion, chopped shallots, pomegranate and sourcream together with crispy bacon.
6) Mix U.S Russets meat from part 1,U.S Red Potatoes, U.S Purple Potatoes cubes together with dressing .

7) keep in chiller till cold.

Part 3: Assembly
Salad to be served cold and put inside the deep-fried potato skin. Garnish with more chopped spring onions and crispy bacon.
Ta~daa~~~ This is my Terrific Trio U.S Potatoes Salad, is that so colourful and beautiful? ^^
Christmas is just around the corner, so i make it to fancy looking. It is so flavourful with the crispy bacon and refreshing with the crunchy texture of pomegranate. Perhaps this is the first potato recipe by using pomegranate? LOL! It was my idea to try add a little kick to this stuffing appetiser. 
It is so delicious! There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a crispy potato skin loaded with nutrients, wanna try some of my creation? =P
For more information about U.S. potatoes, kindly visit:

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