The worst customer service i had in this morning

February 15, 2015

Alright, this is not a happy post and is a ANGRY post! Let's me tell you the story.
I signed a treatment contract at M** beauty salon at IOI City Mall one month ago, it's fine that consultation session took me 1 hour (my first ever longing consultation) and the consultant keep talking the same thing and i told her that i read all before she came in. Yeah~ she is so brilliant to let me wait in the consultation room for about 20 minutes! Ok since their package is cheap, place is near me and i really need it so i signed it and first treatment was going smoothly. 
My second appointment is on 17th Feb, but because i am afraid my period come on that few days so i called to reschedule my appointment to 15th Feb. This is the story begin, when i talked to the girl that i want to reschedule my appointment, she was NEVER EVER warn me that i cannot do treatment before my actual treatment date ( they follow the first treatment date which is 17th Jan ). 
Me : I would like to change my appointment date, can i?
girl : may i know when you want to change to? * with broken english*
Me : hopefully is on 15th feb
girl : can i have your ID number? 
Me : Sorry that i didn't bring my ID card go out, is it possible to use my contact number?
After got my contact number....
girl : Your name is X X X (my full name) and your appointment actually is on 17th Feb wo~~~
I explained my reason to her and she asked me to speak malay..(so i am confirm she is the Malay girl)
girl : Alright, i can change for you and your appointment is on 15th feb.. time... see you.
Conversation took me 30 minutes ==!!!

I thought everything is fine and i walked to their doorstep in this morning... they told me don't have appointment today, wtf?!!!! I am very patient and polite people, i was trying to explain that how i reschedule my appointment on friday, with smile and very friendly. After check in system, NO! i don't have appointment today!!!! They asked me who am i speaking to in the phone, come on! who is so free to ask name when i just want to make appointment this easy peasy job??? Of course, no one want to responsible on this. I was getting angry, i said i don't care and i purposely came here for treatment and now you told me all fully booked and no room for me, do you think will i come and lie you??? Just give me a solution! I don't want purposely come and go back and this is not my fault at all. After that, they called a Japanese girl (name pronounced as Isan) and liaise to me. Throw another bomb to me, she said that i cannot goes for the treatment because i am few days earlier from treatment date. What?!!!! Are you kidding me?!!!!!!!!! Ok fine, i suggested to do my bikini line since i didn't do it before ( wondering why am i giving solution but not them?wtf) and i don't want go back like this. Well, this part is really pissed me off *&^$#@#%^ 
She told package treatment cannot separately, must do it together, this is company rules. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
First,your staff received my call for reschedulebut didn't mark down my appointment.
Second, your staff voice out my full name and treatment date when I reschedule,but she never inform me that cannot make it before treatment date.
Third, I am purposely come here reach your door step and you refuse to serve me.
Forth,I was trying to suggest a solution that at least I got something to do since I am purposely come for my appointment. But,you are not seeking the good solution for customer and only use "sorry that is company rules" this stupid excuse to ask me go home! Is it the right way to serve your customer? I had no mistake (somemore your staff reconfirmed again the appointment date before end the call)and why should I deserve this sucks service?!!!
Nowadays almost all customer service loves to use this " I don't know how also" to "solve" consumer's problem, where is your professional? Are you so confident that you are always in good biz with this kind of service? 
I NEVER EVER shout and scold so loud in the mall and today is my first time, ishhhh!!!
Don't because of you are offering cheapest package in the market so you just simply provided the cheapest customer service to us! 
It totally ruin my beautiful Sunday! 

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