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February 2, 2015

Hey my lovely readers, this is a must-read post. XD
Valentines and Chinese New Year is just around the corner and peoples are getting busier to buy new clothes new shoes/ home decoration/ gift/ car accessories (may be?) / facial ... But what about your "fur" ? LOL! I mean your body hair. Don't ignore part of this, unless you don't mind to show off your body hair when wearing sleeveless or shorts! Nowadays, it's not only bothering ladies but males too.

My body hair drives me crazy since my primary school until now, i was like "furry girl" especially my legs and hands *haiz~~~* Actually i didn't feel this is annoying until when i started to read magazine, i realised that peoples are prefer to have hairless body and smooth skin, so what should i do? i wax it at first, but too pain * agree? =( * so i shaved it after that, shaved until now...gosh how many years?!! I never know when shaved can solve my problem quickly but also occurred another problem, no doubt Shaving is the fastest, cheapest, easiest, and safest way to remove hair, but the hair grows back extremely quickly,not shaving carefully or correctly can cause ingrown hairs, small bumps of razor burn, and tiny cuts. I found my underarms and legs pores are getting bigger and pigmentation( Razor blades can graze the skin and cause darkening.) * oh damn it!* Sometimes because of always wearing shorts, i have to shave twice a week and my legs skin become very sensitive and itching, pain, redness, scarring and irritation caused by ingrown hair (Ingrown hair or razor bumps occur when the hair grows inside the skin) Not joking, it's real feels like in deep shit!!! 

IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment, is a form of light therapy, used for various dermatological procedures including hair removal.The different between laser treatments and IPL, laser treatment just one specific wavelength emitted from the diode depending on what you're targetting, IPL has multiple wavelengths (all between 500 and 1,200 nanometres) that scatter within the skin. As with all light based treatments, IPL works by emitting a wavelength into the skin, which in the case of hair removal targets pigment. The light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair. It quickly turns to heat which then kills the growing cells that make the hair, but have to do at least 6-8 sessions for the best result.It is depending on the body area you're treating and hormonal growth.

Since IPL treatment is effective, then the price is not cheap too! so i have no interest to try this and quite shame to ask hair removal also,LoL! Until The Butterfly Project invited me to experience underarms IPL treatment at Bubble Gum Wax.
Bubble Gum Was newly opened at Casa Tropicana, they offered waxing and IPL services. Thanks for the lovely yummy sweet treats =) i didn't feel much nervous to experience my first IPL treatment.
Comfy environment.
Beautiful owner Jesslyn was briefing us about good and bad of hair removal method, we learned a lot. If you got budget limit, you can goes for waxing but never ever think of shaving too often like me. Waxing leaves skin silky smooth and hair free for a considerably longer period of time,is a very effective PAINFUL method, which is capable of achieving excellent results,but this is not a permanent solution and IPL treatment can solve your problem permanently and painless. *Pain is my first concern, LOL* If you goes for IPL treatment, you have to wait a month for your next visit.
* my sleepy face yawn~*
Welcoming and cozy guest room.
Hmm...my first try experience? 
I feel so good =) 

Firstly, therapist bring me into a room and ask to take off my top (for underarm IPL), briefed me step by step patiently.She cleaned my underarm with hygiene wipe.I was so lucky that my therapist is talkative girl and we just non-stop talking until i didn't realise my treatment is finish,haha! Thanks god, i will feel shy if we have nothing to talk because i got to show my underarm to a stranger. After antiseptic session is done, she applied powder on my underarm and shaved the hair. Before IPL, i need to wear a pair of sunglasses to avoid IPL lights from hurting my eyes.Following by cooling gel applied, an start to shots of intense pulse light and done by reapplied cooling gel for soothing purpose.

My feeling? 
Hmm... it is super fast! took about 15 minutes for my both underarms. I didn't feel the pain but some dark pigments area might feel like ants bites. I was told to voice out if feel any pain or uncomfortable. My first IPL experience is comfortable and satisfied. Thanks for their professionally and try to put me at ease.
Please apply soothing moisturising cream on your freshly waxed area because your skin will dry after IPL, minty smell so refreshing. If you don't have this, aloe vera is good too.

Don't 's
  • Don't go for a hot bath immediately after your hair removal treatment.
  • Do not apply deodorant or perfume freshly waxed areas for up to 24 hours.
  • Shaving, bleaching, trimming hair pre and in-between treatments is totally fine, however cannot waxing and plucking. Please don't do anything in your first week.
This is Bubble Gum Wax's full range service Price list for boys and girls, quite reasonable. They have excellent price for your first trial and also packages, example : 
IPL Half Leg Bottom
First trial - RM166
5 sessions - RM2000
10 sessions - RM3500
First time guest can enjoy a Brazilian wax at only RM29!
Last but not least, great deals for your valentines!(valid :1st of February'15-28th of February'15 )
Their dress code is Brooklyn Street in black, this is my ootd.
| Pharrell Williams x Uniqlo tee | Midi skirt from Korea | Zara clutch | Zara ankle boots | Inch Child leather bracelet |

Yahooo! so excited now i don't need to bother on my hairy body and i can't wait for my next appointment, YES! i can say "bye bye" to my body hairs !!!

BUBBLE GUM WAX [ Sri Hartamas ]
F-1-7, Block F, Plaza Damas
No 60 Jalan Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas, 50480 KL.
Tel. 03-62115038/39

BUBBLE GUM WAX [ Casa Tropicana ]
B.1.5 Casa Tropicana,
Jalan Persiaran Tropicana,
Tropicana Golf & Country Resort
47410 Petaling Jaya
Tel. 03 7887 0669

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