Aquarius Babe Birthday

February 26, 2015

Time goes by so fast, especially when growing up. Haiz... nothing to upset because growing up is a part of life. 
February is my month, 23 is my lucky number but too bad no longer is my age number =( 
Had been celebrating my birthday during CNY for few years and finally this year is different.I had my birthday dinner with family and friends, but some took pictures some might not. Let's catch up of my small birthday celebrations!
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My BFF and i were going to studio for sister photo shooting, it's seems like wearing wedding gown is a trend of sister photo shooting? =P 
We had fun during photo shooting, erm...just took too long... 6 hours to done it! we were exhausted and can't think of any place for birthday celebration so simply went to the nearest one. 
This is my second birthday celebration in Japanese restaurant, the first one was with my family on 1.2. No doubt Japanese food is top of my favourite list LoL!
Thanks all of yours! I had a sweet and memorable birthday celebration muacks! *love*

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My actual day but i only went to swim. =)
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Another celebration with my darlings.
Dinner at Sage, The Gardens. This is not a broccoli but wasabi crusted Wagyu cheek. LoL! Should give it a try if you haven't, price is quite costly but they present the high quality food to you. * Must call for reservation, there are always full house *
My birthday dress code : Little black dress
Thanks for the gifts, i love it so so so much darlings!!! 
And... of course i must took picture with my princesses.XD 
So...i am 1 year older T_T . Never ever lazy to do my anti-aging regimen, keeping young and free heart is my goal of life. Always bear in mind : growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional. If you think you are old, yours look is older also. 
Thanks for the memorable birthday celebration,feeling so blessed to be surrounding by all loves one.
Thank you ! Muacks!!!

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