Different style with pink pleated skirt during CNY

February 12, 2014

Calling….calling….. " Hello ,anyone can bring me out ? "

My CNY(chinese new year) is superb boring, why?
Usually i will go for vacation during CNY but this year is NOT!
Every year weather is superb hot during CNY, so i have no mood to make over myself, no mood to date people (if got any) , no mood to going out under the big hot sun.
Among all my friends (i have not many friends though) , they all went back to hometown, busy of their family gathering(if married) , went for vacation, busy for gambling bla bla bla….
and i…
YES! this year i was not follow my parents go to New Zealand, so i stay home.
YES! i am not doing well in gamble and mahjong, so no friends invite me to play, so i got to stay home.
YES! because of my parents go to travel so no peoples come to visit my house.
Ishhhhh whatever!

Here's my outfits with a pink pleated skirt during CNY. 

1. Lace Pinky

CNY day 1 movie look, picture quality bad because i didn't bring my big dumb camera out.
Lace tops - Zara
Pink pleated skirt - Zara
Blue ribbon flats - Zara
Bag- Miu Miu

2. See through Pinky

See through blouse - Zara
Pink pleated skirt - Zara
Nude mary jeans shoes - Zara

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