B's birthday 2014 (II)

February 17, 2014

3rd of Feb, my birthday.

Because of Chinese New Year, so my birthday dinner is in Chinese restaurant and my favorite restaurant - The Hans Room.

Salmon Yee Sang
Lou sang is a must to do in CNY right? Huat ar!

My favorite all the time
Monk jump over the wall ( Seriously i don't know 佛跳墙 in English until i found this in their website, LoL! they straight translate from Chinese.)
Taste 5 out of 5.

Crispy Ice land cod fish with mandarin orange cubes.
Taste 4 out of 5.

and following are my random dishes so i didn't take picture,hehe!

Manager gift us fried nian gao as dessert =)

I only love to eat chocolate ice cream and fruit cake, so he bought the fruit cake from Komugi, yummy!

Celebrate birthday with all my loves.

Happy birthday to me =)

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