B's Birthday 2014

February 17, 2014

Chinese New Year is very happening and excited festival, my birthday is unfortunately falls on day 4th of Chinese New Year. It's been few years continuously my birthday falls on Chinese New Year. 
Why i said "it is unfortunately" ???
Because mostly peoples will go back to hometown, busy visit friends and gambling, go for vacation….
so means 90% that no ones can free to celebrate with me…. even though my parents also went to New Zealand….haiz…..
Anyway, this sentence must to say in every year " I am growing old again" LoL! 

B and sista 

I am feel so happy and glad that my brother and sister are going to celebrate birthday with me on 1st Feb ( Day 2 in CNY).
There are only few restaurants are open on Day 2 of CNY, unless i have to go to chinese restaurant but i can't…i hate noisiness…
Discuss for a long day and end up i choose IL Lido, which i think the food quality is not bad.
Asked my sister to call and reserve at the day before, the first sentence she talked in phone is " is it IL Lido?" and that person was answer "YES!"
Why do i talk about this?
This is the story begin… LoL!

When we reached there on time, i was shocked because i can't find their restaurant anymore. IL Lido was change name to La Scala! Oh My!!!
Double confirm with the valet parking guys, they told us it was change name and bosses but menu doesn't change. Haiz…since menu is same and we were here already , lazy to find restaurant again and bla bla bla a lots of excuses pop up in our mind..
At the end, we decided to go up and enjoy dinner there.

Lift opened, step in to restaurant and we feel regret on the spot LoL!
I can see………we are the only customer in this restaurant. It's ok! i think may be we are too early to had dinner (6.30pm)
Settle down, 2 bosses of this restaurant very friendly to explain what's the meaning of their restaurant name, what's are they selling, how great of the food ingredients quality they used and so on….after that i check from that menu, what the…. menu totally change! i can't eat my truffle risotto again and i dislike the dishes in menu :((
Name changed, boss changed, interior design changed and menu changed also, so IL Lido was CLOSED DOWN but not change boss only, haiz….get cheated by valet parking guys.

Ok, since the interior design and menu price change to so classy and the bosses said how finest service they had ( Chef, machines, tools, ingredients everything are imported from Italy), we were just simply order and plan to leave earlier.

Three of us were feel so stress because there are 6 waitress behind us and get ready to serve us. I will feel happy of this 5 stars service IF that restaurant got many customers LoL!
We can't even talk too loud, hahaha they will thought we wanted order something .

gold fish in aquarium? LoL!
This is starter, FOC 
But anyway, i don't know what is that! hahaha!
Taste 2 out of 5.

Truffled roasted Hokkaido Bay Scallop with Quail egg as appetizer.
Taste 4 out of 5.

Risotto with prawns.
Taste 3 out of 5.

Overall the food is good but i am still prefer IL Lido, LoL! 

We went to KLCC for second round, visited my favorite cake shop ~ Haagen Dazs. Yeah…this is a must to have my cake in Haagen Dazs every year.

Sister, me and brother.

Thank you my dearest brother and sister for this special celebration experience LoL! 

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