Japan Trip #7 : Osaka and goodbye Japan

January 27, 2014

Day 7th , it's free and easy , let's me buy whatever i want whatever i wish to buy!!!
Nothing more can tell in this day but just want to share out what i bought, may be it will be interesting for you. =)

G Shock series

Cute Snoopy Donuts.

I miss their beers! all fruit beers!!! there had any fruit flavors that you can think out, apple/lemon/orange/lime/apricot and even though Kiwi!

Okie, i must buy souvenirs for my furkids wherever i go. So this is their souvenirs and hmm….they wear Pets Paradise all the while and it is from Japan so for sure i go for it! their clothes are more expensive than mine ~~! Seriously here already spend more than thousand, haiz…..i knew i am crazy! LoL

End up~~ Princess V was angry because she need to wear this horse costume for Chinese New Year and Golden Dou Dou's expensive jumpsuit become her pajamas . o.O!!!

Laduree Blush, limited edition and only selling few selected shops in Japan. Even though in Paris, you hardly find any.

What's good for it? hmm…price "good" LoL! it is roughly RM300++ just for this few roses slices.
Seriously, i haven't try it yet,but the packaging is really very nice.For me, i always pay for packaging,haha! 
Will blog it out when i try it ok?

Coffee shop when we visit Mitsui outlet mall at somewhere of Osaka.
Their art of coffee superb good! i don't know in Japanese word, but i can saw a lots of awesome coffee art in their newspaper which they posted it on wall! 
I told them that i want to order one of them appear in newspaper, but they said cannot because for those awesome coffee art, it is for competition and they had no time to do this since that day is busy weekends.
What i want to draw? answer is KiKi's delivery service (魔女宅急便)
I am sure no one can draw it out in KL!
At the end, i ordered ToToro and others are for my friends.
Cafe name : Cafe Nico

Yes!!!! this is in my wish list! and i found it out when the mall is closing in 5 mins! 
I am lucky girl!
and it is so cheap, i knew KL some shops (not Kenzo retail shop) is selling about RM400 but it is actually only below RM200. Please go and buy it if you go to Japan!

Haagen-dazs is my favorite ice cream brand, but i seldom go recently because in KL there have no much choices, but in Japan, OH MY GOD! i found this in family mart and the flavor is freaking good!!! This is sweet potato flavor and i feel like eating real frozen sweet potato.

Tokyo Banana is a must buy souvenir in Japan, and you can find it at Airport if you are at Osaka but not Tokyo. So don't panic if you couldn't find it in city ok?

Honestly, there are thousand question marks pop up in my mind after i ate it ~ why everyone crazy on it? the taste is like…aisk!!! i hate the taste!(i don't eat banana) but cake is real soft. 

Our last dinner in Osaka.
Ichiran Ramen, which is very famous in Shinsaibashi. Oops….always long long queue …..

Before you get in, there are few steps that you need to do:
1. buy your meal tickets at ticket vending machine. Machine is placed in front of entrance. 

2. find a vacant seat if there are no one to guide you, you can check which seat is available on the vacant seat information panel.

3. Customize your ramen on a order sheet for every component of the ramen you wish to enjoy.
4. Press the button in front of you to call the staff.

Deng Deng Deng!!! then you can concentrate on your ramen, it is soooooo yummy!!!!!

Anyway, i was visited Japan on November, so can see christmas decoration everywhere,lovely!

video of this decoration, sorry i was delete in my phone, so here is my Facebook link about this video.( no worry, it is not virus!)

~ Ended ~

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