Japan Trip #5 : Arashiyama

January 15, 2014

Day 5th in Japan, we are continue our autumn maple photo section again , LoL! today is going to Arashiyama .

Firstly, i would like to tell some information about Arashiyama. It is a outskirt of Kyoto, Storm Mountain is it's another name. Of course it is a known of most picturesque scenery in Kyoto.

From our Osaka hotel to Arashiyama, we need to take another type of train which is Hankyu Rail at Hankyu Umeda Station.

Time : 47 minutes
Fees : 390 Yen

It is look different with another train. This is looks more "antique" and slower.

Hankyu Arashiyama Station , designed to evoke a Kyoto tradesman's house so that its for seamlessly into its surroundings,

Alright, let's start to spot our maple scenery out!

Yeah this is the proof that i had been here, LoL!

As i said this trip is photo section, so camwhore everywhere! LoL!

Cutie cocker spaniel . Hmm… japanese loves shorter dogs because i saw the most is cocker spaniel and corgi ^^

Japanese kids school trip , soooooo cute!!!

Begins of Arashiyama , the beautiful Togetsukyo Bridge (Moon Crossing Bridge)

Tofu Ice cream

Looks like soft ice cream but taste like sorbet. =P

Bamboo road from Nonomiya Shrine to Okochi Mountain Villa. I can hear the sound of bamboo grass and enjoy wind blow, so calm and comfortable walk.

Seriously i didn't post many pictures of food because i can't remember the name, LoL!

Anyway this is our lunch at Kyoto before we heading back to Osaka.

Ninja Burger from Burger King as dinner. I don't take pork but really too tired to find restaurant so…don't ask me the taste ok? but my friend said it is nice hehe!

This is my supper, yeah~~~ there are few sushi restaurant 24/7 open in Shinsaibashi. So all of us were walk out from our hotel at 12.30am and go for supper, there are only take 5 minutes to reach so… i am wearing pajamas inside and cover by my pinky coat, LoL! forgive me, i am really lazy to make up and dress up again in midnight for half an hour supper. Even though it is 24/7 open but their taste is so yummy!!! 

< OOTD >
High neck tops - Topshop
Stripe long sleeves tops - Zara
Fabric leather skirt - Dorothy Perkins 
Red leggings - GU ( bought at Japan)
Ankle boots - Zara
Faith necklace - H&M

~ Day 5 ended ~
To be continue...

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