Japan Trip #6 : Osaka

January 26, 2014

In Osaka, we only visit few places because we want more time to shop..shop and shopping!!!

We took a quick and simple breakfast in hotel and heading to Osaka Castle.

Early morning, yea~~~ i saw weather forecast is rainy day, haiz…too bad i have to take umbrella to take picture.

Queen B at Osaka Castle.

Hmm….rainy day so i need to carry my bag, and holding umbrella and taking my camera.Gosh! i got no mood to take picture ! (* just ignore that 2 peoples standing behind me LoL!)

I was wearing my new sneakers which bought from Osaka, ok..i know it looks nice,hehe! =P but what i want to recommend is i was spray something on my sneakers when i saw the weather forecast (rainy).

Deng Deng Deng! This is that spray ~ Amedas waterproof spray shoes, i bought that biggest one, it's not so cheap but price reasonable (Prices showed in the picture above). Let's me tell you how amazing of this =)

Product features : - waterproof, oil-repellent, and anti-fouling effect give without compromising breathability fluorocarbon resin.
- can be used to shine leather and brushed leather , natural leather shoes, and other leather goods ,fabrics, artificial leathers.

I tried it , and i purposely walk under the rain (oops! i know i am doing stupid thing) 
I can see the raindrops on my sneakers were falling down without any stain, amazing! 
Not only for shoes, but can spray on bag too! Especially your branded bag XD
My bad experience sharing ~ the second day when i at Fukuoka, my Miu Miu bag dead because of weather humid, raining and scratch on my jeans, so leather damage (2 big hole) on my bag * heartbroken* 
I was bring it back to store immediately when i back to home, quite embarrassed but it is true, all staffs came to discuss how to save my bag but too sad they tell me the truth-" miss, sincerely honestly i never heard this case happened before, and WE don't think any solution can help you, the best solution is… buy a new one"
Arghhhhhh!!!!!!! *heartbroken x100 times*
So, please take good care on your bag, especially branded…
i am strongly recommend this to you!
You can find it at ABC mart in Japan.

Waiting train back to town.

Lunchie at Kuromon Market,Osaka.
You must eat sashimi there, very cheap! see…my sashimi lunch only 1380 Yen, cheaper than my waterproof spray for shoes, LoL!!!

Found this when we reached at Tempozan. Seriously i don't know the name but it is soft and filling with sweet potato, delicious !!!

I think this is the landmark for Tempozan? 

Santa Maria cruise ,this is free for peoples who are buying Osaka Pass. 
* Osaka Pass - you can enter selected facilities for free, get and off from bus for free, discount benefits. You can check via http://www.osaka-info.jp/osp/en/

We bought 2 days pass but for me, i don't think it is worth because at the end we only have time to visit not more than 4 places, haizzzzzzz……..

My sweet couple friends ^^

I don't ride ferries wheel, i scared of heights. I don't know why this bunny will appear in their ride but they were assume this is me ==! ( i know you guys can't live without me even though 15 minutes right? XD)

One of the most famous takoyaki, taste superb!
but i forgot the street name, hmm… may be you can google search with their shop name? 

Dinner time, we cooked okonomiyaki (Osaka version) by ourself.

~ Day 6 ended ~
To be continue….

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