Dogathon 2012

November 5, 2012

Weather in this few weeks are really bad, Sandy superstorm attacked New York; another storm attacked China too; We are luckily because staying in Malaysia but weather is real bad compare with few years back.

Heavy raining non stop for a week, i was praying so hard to wish today will not rain, least don't rain in the morning please!


Today (4/11/2012) is Dogathon! 

Dogathon is the largest dogs gathering in Malaysia and held in every year end,there are a lots of game for you and your doggies, a lots of great deal like supplement, toys, kibbles, tick and flea preventions etc.

Luckily weather is alright in the early morning, but field is quite wet because of long day raining yesterday.

7.30am, my 2 monsters are get ready to explore!

ViVi, my miniature schnauzer princess was leash by my mother (because of my sister absent,so have to ask my mother to help). She was lack of experience so...

Incident was happened!

ViVi refuse to do body check ( before your doggie get into field,they need to do body check first), she suddenly stop and my mother keep pull her forward,and take off her harness accidentally and ViVi ran away! God bless her when she heard i calling her loudly,she stop and a kind hearted girl help me to catch her back. Oh my...really thanks god! i almost losing you,ViVi!

Incident was spoiled my mood, but i still bringing them walk few round in the field. They are very dirty because grass field is too wet, no other choice, i decided to bring them back.

This is their website:

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