Joey Yung No 6 Concert 2012

October 25, 2012

Joey Yung No 6 concert 2012 in Malaysia finally show on 20/10/2012. I am never miss once of her concert,so this time same too.

She is really cool, i love to go to concert which is the singer sing live is better than CD, Joey Yung is the one of them. She really sing very nice in concert and you can't even know is she playing CD?

This is the picture i like it the most! and also this is her famous dance ~ 45 degree dancing 

Cool huh?

Sometimes she is cute too when she sing a happy song.

Sexy Cat women

Elegant moment

Sporty look 

This is the secret of their attire.

She said this cloth is recommended by Eason Chen's daughter, not her usually style but not bad too.

I was really enjoy in this concert,good show Joey!

Photo taken by my sister Yennie Cheong

Video to be upload on next post,stay tuned!

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