Short Trip to Morib

October 24, 2012

I was very busy even though after mid autumn festival, i am very happy when i was very busy because but i knew i already over my body physical and mentality limits.I am very tired and i need a break!

Planned for a short trip with my best friends since years ago,but never get a good decision and this time we don't care it is cheap or not,nice or not but we just want to have a break!

Bought voucher from, yes we choose Morib Gold Coast. 

This is Tanjong Sepat, the bridge is named Qing Ren Qiao and in mandarin is 情人桥.I have no idea on it's history but this is the top hits place for visitor in Tanjong Sepat.

Our lunch besides Qing Ren Qiao.

Accidentally , surprisingly i met my cousin here,so take a photo as a memory of this surprise!

Group picture

Hotel room, out of my expectation (at first ,we already have a bad expectation in mind)
Hotel room is clean and comfortable.

Bathroom with Jacuzzi.

Buffet dinner in hotel. F.O.C

Although this is not a high class hotel, not a nice dining, sea is dirty,water theme park is actually meaning swimming pool but i was very happy because i have a great night with my best friends. In KL, we seldom have a chance to gather together for wine and chatting until late night. 

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