Mulberry Restaurant and Bar Christmas Menu Launching

November 30, 2012

Are you planning to celebrate your christmas this year with your family or friends or your beloved? Are you headache where will you going for your christmas dinner every year? worry about fully booking? worry about the menu?

No worry, i was going to this restaurant X'mas menu Review.

Mulberry is newly renovated modern yet rustic restaurant with a cocktail bar, salad bar & private room. 
Previously known as Speakeasy Restaurant & Bar, which started in 2006, now Mulberry serves Modern European & Classic Malaysian food.

May be Mulberry is sound familiar to you? Nope! this is not the luxury fashion brand, this is a Restaurant.Please don't get yourself confuse on it =)

You can feel christmas is just around the corner when you saw christmas decoration everywhere in Mulberry.

Peoples are having a drink at bar table when watching football game. 

Me with Mulberry

Me and my sister,Yennie

I am gonna to try this Christmas menu out. Is these dishes attractive? for me, it is! 
Beautiful bouquet and Sangria by Mulberry 

A nice place to hang out, comfortable cushion sofa. It is awesome when you are having a drink and gathering with your friends here.

Timbale of slipper lobster as your appetizer. Honestly I don't like to eat vegetable, but i love this ! melon and cucumber taste is just nice when mix with lobster, you can't imagine how good of this, it is not heavy taste as you think because of lobster but it bring you freshness!
trust me, it is superb!
 Cream of cauliflower and celeriac. I like the scallop with crunchy crispy rice cover.

 Lemon salt seared sea bass. I am fish lover, so obviously i have no objection on this. =)
(the carrots are long and cute right?)

 Stuffed leg of chicken. It is stuffing with nut and fruit.

 Grilled ribeye, my favorite! It is cooked by wine sauce and topped by oxtail stew, what do you think on that yellowish thing besides of ribeye?

Haha, it is walnut bread. Taste good!
 Dessert time, this is red velvet with apricot cream sauces and multi berries.

Overall the foods are very good and this is the place i'll recommend you for your christmas celebration this year. Don't just go to shopping center to scarfing food but give this a try, it'll amazed you.

This is the Christmas menu .

Phone : 03-2078 8830
Opening hour : Mon - Fri: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

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