How to Choose Windows By Room?

February 20, 2021

Windows and doors play an important role in increasing the curb appeal of our home. The design trend has changed greatly since our parents’ generation. When we look at a house, we can tell the age of the house by just looking at the size of the windows. The open floor concept and floor to ceiling windows have been the symbol of modern and luxury homes. Therefore, when we plan a home renovation project, we can usually think about the window designs which are part of the holistic aesthetics of the house. 

Living Room
The living room is the place where we spent most of our time hanging out with family members and enjoying leisure activities. A vast and bright window will add great appeal to your beautiful living room. That being said, you can consider bay windows or picture windows, which are famous for allowing sunlight to shed through. 

The bathroom is a highly private place where we enjoy precious sleep and relax time. However, there is not a common standard for bedroom windows as people have different sleep habits. Some people prefer to wake up early with the morning sunlight, and some people want to have a good sleep in the dark room. So it highly depends on your needs. For people who want the best view, they can choose a floor to ceiling window. On the other hand, some people might choose a traditional casement window in moderate size. 

Some people might choose to not have windows in the bathroom to protect privacy, but for people who want more ventilation, they can think about awning windows. We don’t need big windows in the bathroom, so the most important function is to open to let air flow. You can tilt an awning window to open and it always comes with a smaller size than bay or picture windows. 

There are always pros and cons for each type of window, and we should also discuss it with family and friends to make any plans. The best thing to do is to talk to a reliable local window expert to seek professional advice. Moreover, most of the window service providers offer free in-home estimates, so you can definitely make a good use of it before you make any decision.

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