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October 23, 2019

How far can you get with RM50? Well~ actually RM50 can still buy you quite a bit if you know where to look.
  I just restocked my essential supplements for relieve fatigue, strengthen Immunity and achieve a youthful, radiant complexion within RM50 at CARiNG Pharmacy ! (^_−)−☆
CARiNG Pharmacy is provided wide merchandise with full time pharmacist, include pharmaceutical products, personal care products as well as medical and healthcare devices.
 I've bought Kinohimitsu Snow Lotus Birdnest at RM43.30 only because I consume bird's nest soup regularly to maintain my youthfulness and enhance the complexion. Also it could help the body detox, regenerate new skin cells quickly and reduce anxiety for better sleep. However, we all know preparing a small bowl of bird's nest soup is troublesome and difficult in our hectic life.
So, i usually will buy those which come pre-bottled, and readily available at pharmacy for my back up plan when i run out of time to cook it. It’s convenient, easy, and you don’t need to wait hours for the soup to boil while they still yield the benefits as a regular bird’s nest.
Apart from the Birdnest i can get within RM50, i can even buy food seasoning Trsoer Earth Food New Zealand Pacific Ocean Organic Sea Salt at CARiNG Pharmacy for my daily cooking, priced at RM7.90. Sea salt and table salt have the same basic nutritional value, i prefer to use sea salt as it less processed.
Furthermore, CARiNG Pharmacy is having #ShopMoreWinMore contest now to win RM250,000 worth of cash vouchers! This Contest will run from 9 September 2019 to 3 November 2019, open to all CARiNG customers who made a minimum purchase of RM50 or above in a single receipt during the contest period. 
Do take note that this amount does not include the e-pay products. Participants may submit as many contest entries as they wish but all entry forms must be completed and only be submitted via online.
Total 55 weekly amazing prizes to be given away:
1st tier – RM1,500 CARiNG Cash Voucher for 5 winners.
2nd tier – RM1,000 CARiNG Cash Voucher for 10 winners.
3rd tier – RM500 CARiNG Cash Voucher for 15 winners.
4th tier – RM250 CARiNG Cash Voucher for 25 winners.
* Terms & Conditions applied. 

A total of 440 winners will be awarded a share of CARiNG Cash Vouchers, worth up to RM250,000.00 towards the end of the contest. Look at the figure, the probability you can be the weekly winner is higher. So hurry up, grab them all before they're snapped up! Good luck!

Find more information at http://bit.ly/ShopMoreWinMore.

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