Taiwan's Best Healthcare Practices and Innovations in Taiwan EXPO 2018

October 29, 2018

At the TAIWAN EXPO 2018, Taiwan Healthcare Pavilion is one of the 12 major exhibition pavilions across eight industries which showcasing the best healthcare practices and innovations by Taiwan’s top medical personalities and institutions, including the advanced Percutaneous Radiofrequency Therapy by the highly regarded Prof. Dr. Jen-Tsung Yang, Vice Superintendent at the Chiayi branch of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. 

There are total 9 medical service and healthcare providers exhibiting in the pavilion, each one promoting their own specialty many of which are presented for the first time in Malaysia. 
Visitors also can take advantage of the Health Check Experience Zone at the pavilion to learn more about their health and wellbeing. Experts will be on hand to share valuable information for them to better manage their health.

Among the highlights are:
Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
It is the world’s largest medical group with 7 branches in Taiwan, showcase the Proton Therapy treatment using the advanced medical technique of radiation therapy to treat cancer. 
Dr. Yang himself will be present at the Healthcare Pavilion to share his research and thought processes behind the invention of the therapy. Using high-tech facilities of intraoperative CT, MRI and navigation system, the therapy allows doctors to administer treatment quickly and precisely at the target location without generating a wound. Chang Gung is one of the only 2 hospitals providing this treatment in Southeast Asia. At present, more than 700 cases are successfully performed, the patient's trigeminal pain has been effectively improved without major complications. 

Chang Bing Show Chwan Memorial Hospital
Established the Asian Institute of TeleSurgery (AITS) in Taiwan in 2008 (the very first one in Asia with the most complete and sophisticated equipment) will highlight the Transcranial Magnetic Resonance-guided Focused Ultrasound.

Hsu, Chai Chin Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinic 
Showcasing their unique mini-IVF technique, a patient-friendly and convenient method of receiving ovulation induction medicines.

Treatyou Medical Technology Corporation
Its TreatU Potential Oxygen System that can precisely detect oxygen deficit in the human body, an innovation that has been introduced into the fields of medical care and aesthetic medicine.

Nobel Medical Group
Its Youth Spell Collection anti-ageing elixir made from multiple botanical extracts and hyaluronic acid to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles for younger-looking skin.
Dr. Chaokai Viermin Lutein effervescent tablet.

With its theme “Medical Services and Technology”, the pavilion is featuring the latest medical findings, the most updated devices, and other exciting new technologies that will shift the dynamics of how things are normally done in the medical and healthcare sectors. Visitors will walk away with added knowledge on the latest medical innovations and first-hand experience how some of these advanced innovations work to help improve the quality of life. 
Huijia Health Life Technology Smart Baby System for Baby care centers.
Leadtek Research Heart Monitoring device

Additionally, the pavilion is also the perfect meeting point for Taiwan’s health and medical experts to touch base with their Malaysian counterparts, exploring possible business opportunities.
The Taiwan Healthcare Pavilion will be opened to public at 2pm on 25 October 2018 (Thursday) at Halls 4 and 5 in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC). The admission is free.

For more information on the pavilion as well as TAIWAN EXPO 2018, please visit https://mys.taiwanexpoasean.com .

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