Philips Premium All-in-One Multicooker showcase

September 18, 2018

Last week I attended the cooking demonstration by Malaysian food enthusiast Sidney Kan, showcasing the latest Philips Premium All-in-One Multicooker HD2145. I am not doing well in cooking but i went there to support my friend Sidney and also i think this intelligent multicooker might help me. 
At the cooking demonstration, Sidney presented three recipes featured exciting yet easy to prepare halal dishes that you can make at home with the help of the new Philips Premium All-in-One Multicooker. He also shared some useful tips on ways to make full use of the Multicooker.
Lemon Chicken
Yellow Kroeung Curry with Prokah
Braised Lamb and Tension
Philips Premium All-in-One Multicooker
RCP: RM 1099
     | Features |     
• Dual control system
Accurately controls the temperature and reduces heating fluctuation. Optimized food taste with combination of temperature, pressure and time to ensure consistent, high-quality result.

• Auto pressure release
Pressure will be released automatically after cooking finishes to ensure safety.

• Add ingredients function
Add delicate ingredients at later stage of pressure cook.

• Sauce thickening function
Simply press Sauce thickening button and sauce/soup will be reduced to a more intensified flavor.

• Keep warm up to 12 hours

• 6 Litre capacity

• 1000W Power
Life becomes easier as this intelligent multicolour brings unparalleled convince to your homemade meals.
For more information, visit Philips Malaysia Website and Philips Malaysia Facebook.

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