TAI THONG New Mooncake Flavours & Mid-Autumn Set Menu 2018

August 15, 2018

Happy date with the moon is coming!
Mid-Autumn festival is approaching, it’s time to plan a celebration to enjoy the pleasures of family togetherness. Mooncake is a traditional delicacy for Mid-Autumn Festival, we need to have mooncakes on hand to gift to close friends and relatives, as well as to enjoy at our own celebration. Alright, let's me introduce the latest 2018 mooncake flavours, pricing, packaging and promotions to you all.
Keeping those traditions alive, Tai Thong has crafted its mooncake creations for two decades.
In year 2018, Tai Thong is adding new flavours to their existing extensive array of mooncakes while preserving that unique taste and quality of presentation. All Tai Thong's mooncakes are free from artificial colourings and flavourings, also certified HALAL by the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia (JAKIM) and are HACCP compliant.

     | New Flavours |     
Yuzu Black Tea 柚子紅茶   RM19.50/ pcs

Yuzu Black Tea Baked Skin Mooncake, offers a citrus zest amidst the bitter sweet black tea flavour for absolute balance.

Snow Skin Chendol Coconut 冰皮煎蕊椰子   
RM19.50/ pcs  |  RM11 for mini/ pcs
A novel blend of fragrant Cendol with a subtle hint of fresh pandan, equally delightful with savoury coconut paste gives you a different experience in every bite.
Mooncakes are typically gifted in tins of four, TAI THONG Premium Box has launched with the price at RM168. Besides of the premium box is functioning as a symbolic stylish gift, it also comes in a functional design features bluetooth speakers, jewellery storage and a tissue box!
TAI THONG Premium Box  RM168/ 4 pcs
This Premium Box comes with 4 NEW flavours of mooncakes which is Golden Phoenix, Emerald Custard, Crystal White Lotus Double Yolk and Aged Citrus Red Bean. 
Golden Phoenix 金凤凰
A medley crunchy nuts and chicken bits, coupled with the citrus tang of dried fruits give the sensational texture and delicious taste.

Aged Citrus Red Bean 陈皮粒粒红豆沙
Can't stop eating this as the smooth and delicious red bean paste highlighted by the zesty aged tangerine peel that gives a very delectable taste. 

Emerald Custard 蕊蓉香港奶皇
It's Malaysian's all-time favourite flavour with mixture of fragrant cendol paste and creamy custard. 
Crystal White Lotus Double Yolk 水晶白莲双黄
Savour the extravagance of double golden egg yolks, encased with fragrant silky lotus paste. 

Don't forget their best seller and limited edition Snow Skin Musang King mooncake, a contemporary mooncake that taken to the next level with this luxurious durian. This mooncake is not sell in piece but selling in 4 pieces a set.
Snow Skin Musang King 冰皮貓山皇   RM98 (4 pieces x 70g)
A premium limited edition mooncake filled with pure Musang King durian flesh, it’s not taste like a traditional snow skin mooncake but more like rich, creamy durian meat encased in soft skin. The heady aroma of Musang King durian rushes out upon cutting this, perfect for the most ardent of durian lovers.

Kindly take note that all TAI THONG mooncake now available at TAI THONG restaurants, AEON, Tesco, Bens, Aeon Big, Sunshine Wholesale, and also online such as Lazada, Shopee, and 11Street. 
Apart from the delicate mooncakes, Tai Thong has offer the fresh new culinary delights in Tai Thong Mid-Autumn Set Menu 2018. Diners can choose from Set A "Hot Plate Barbecue Fish"海龙皇蒸心蒸盘 priced at RM398++ (6 pax) and Set B "Hot Plate Barbecue Seafood" 虾兵蟹将蒸心蒸盘priced at RM598++ (6 pax). Both set menu comes with complimentary 2 pieces Tai Thong Mooncakes. 
Well~ We had a scrumptious savouring of Set B (RM598+).
Hot Plate Barbecue Seafood 虾兵蟹将蒸心蒸盘
This Hot Plate Barbecue Seafood is literally a seafood combo that caught my eyes and makes my mouth-water, it is the main highlight for Tai Thong Mid-Autumn set menu this year. 
It features a variety of fresh seafood such as giant grouper, mud crab, sea prawns, scallops, fresh huai shan, fresh beancurd stick, fresh pine mushroom, fresh abalone cap mushroom, and coriander. Using Tai Thong's exquisite sauce to make the broth, there are 3 types of flavours to choose includes spicy chilli 泡椒生葱麻辣, assam and milky 亚参和风味 and shantou salted vegetables 汕头酸菜味. We choose the shantou salted vegetables as soup base. 

The fresh seafoods add intense flavor to the broth, it is hearty and flavourful with every spoonful enjoyed. Take your time to enjoy all luxurious ingredients in the pot and let it simmering slowly for an even more intense layered flavor!
Charcoal Roast Suckling Piglet 炭烧脆皮乳猪
This is a symbolically significant dish for festival menu, the Charcoal Roast Suckling Piglet is wonder, crispy on the outside with  incomparably moist and tender.
Braised Abalone with Stuffed Fish Maw and Dried Scallop 鲍鱼瑶柱釀鱼鳔金砖
Fried Rice served with Black Truffle and Fish Roe 鱼籽黑松菌厨皇炒饭

Anything with black truffle will gives an aromatic kick to the dish. Usually when it comes to Chinese set menu, rice is the most unpopular dish. However, this fried rice is surprisingly delicious, fragrant and and has many ingredients in it. I like fish roe added into the fried rice, it make it more tasty and also colorful. 

The unmistakably earthy rich flavor of black truffle is paired with everything, but it more often to to be used in western cuisine. What if make a Chinese fried rice with black truffle? Unexpectedly the black truffles add the unforgettable aromatics to this grainy rice mountain, bursting with flavours from a generous amount of fish roe, this fried rice is fragrant with the aroma of 'wok-hei'.
 Charcoal Bun with Durian and Salted Egg Yolk 金箔榴莲皇
Double-boiled Snow Pear with Golden Fungus and Red Dates 金耳红枣炖雪梨

These 2 dishes were served as dessert to end our scrumptious meal.
Overall, TAI THONG Mid Autumn Set Menu will get more bang for your buck. The Hot plate if full of fresh and quality ingredients, the portion is generous enough for 6 pax. Such a great idea to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival this year by dining with family and your loved one upon Mid-Autumn feast, mooncakes and chatting away at Tai Thong. 

Promotion of TAI THONG Mid Autumn Set Menu is starts from 1st August till 30th September, 2018.
Call 1-800-88-2338 for reservation.  

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