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August 6, 2018

Korean food lovers alert! 
A new famous Korean food has just landed in Malaysia, Goobne is opened its first store in Malaysia at Mytown Shopping Centre.
Korea No.1 Oven Roasted Chicken, Goobne Chicken promoted a good healthy K-Food concept featuring award-winning oven-roasted chicken, which is contains less trans fat, carbohydrates, sodium and calories. Healthy cuisine is the new global culture, Goobne chicken brings a good healthy but delicious K food concept for whole family to enjoy.
Launched in 2005, Goobne chicken has become Korea’s No.1 oven roasted chicken brand in Korea by serving customers with healthier oven-roasted chicken, without using oil at all during cooking process. Goobne focus has always been on using higher-quality ingredients and unique cooking techniques to make great food accessible to all people, ensures safe and hygienic manufacturing facilities. Hence, it has further expanded with over 1000 merchants in Korea as well as Hong Kong, Macao, China, Japan and Indonesia. 
The definition of word "GOOBNE" is oven roasted. Chicken served here is roasted in the oven for 13 minutes at 195 degrees without using a single drop of oil to conserve the original flavour of chicken itself. In addition, all their chicken is hormone free. In Malaysia, they are using 100% local fresh chicken, ensures 6 days supply in a week to maintain the quality, manu factor in most clean and safe factory with HACCP certified.
As "Goobne is always H.O.T.! (Healthy, Original, Trendy)" is their slogan, Goobne chicken contains less calories, cholesterol, sodium and trans-fat, yet crispy on the outside, chewy and juicy inside once roasted. Menu with a variety of tastes surely aims to satisfy every patron’s craving. Goobne Chicken also offers choices of whole or half chicken, wings in 8 or 14 pieces to match everyone’s preference. 

This is my first time to try, of course i need a sneak peek of some of the best sellers. There are total 5 types of oven-roasted chicken with flavours ranging from original to the spiciest. 
Signature Spicy Goobne Volcano
Whole : RM54.90  |  Half : RM32.90
Wings : RM20.90 (8 pcs)  |  RM32.90 (14 pcs)
As the name suggests, the signature Goobne Volcano will give your taste buds a volcanic sensation. The spicy taste of 'Goobne Volcano' adds a special sauce based on Gochujang to the national snack offering an addictive spicy taste that spicy food addicts cannot break free from its charm. All my friends can't stand for the heat, but honestly it is not too spicy for me. Yay! I was 3rd prize winner in a spicy challenge before. 
Goobne Korean Spicy Galbi Sauce
Whole : RM54.90  |  Half : RM30.90
Wings : RM20.90 (8 pcs)  |  RM32.90 (14 pcs)
This is superstar of the dinner because it has a perfect balance of sweet and savory with a hint of spicy taste, definitely is a must-try for those who love spicy food but can't eat too spicy.
Goobne Deep Cheese
Whole : RM54.90  |  Half : RM30.90
Wings : RM20.90 (8 pcs)  |  RM32.90 (14 pcs)
For cheese lovers, be prepared for a cheesy explosion of deliciousness with the Goobne Deep Cheese. The cheese powder is unique, it is cheesy with a hint of sweetness! 
Goobne Soy Garlic
Whole : RM54.90  |  Half : RM30.90
Wings : RM20.90 (8 pcs)  |  RM32.90 (14 pcs)
Try out the Goobne Soy Garlic as well to experience oven roasted chicken with crispy coating topped with the shop’s very own soy-garlic sauce. 
Goobne Original
Whole : RM47.90  |  Half : RM26.90
Wings : RM16.90 (8 pcs)  |  RM28.90 (14 pcs)
Roasted chicken with low trans-fat and calories, this Goobne original has a light taste as they puts out the oil and puts the taste without special seasoning to brings out the rich flavour.

Considering that the preference for carbohydrate is high, Goobne Chicken serves the rice and noodle menu including chicken fried rice with volcano or soy garlic sauce,Jjamppong Seafood Ramen, traditional Korean ginseng chicken soup Samgyetang and the basic Korean steam rice. 
Cheese Fondue Chicken  RM61.90
This is a very sinful dish! Sweet and spicy boneless roasted chickens on a bed of cheese, twirling the gooey cheesy around the chicken while heat up. Oh my god! can you imagine the hot cheesy covered the flavourful chicken in your mouth? It was so nice!

Chicken Fried Rice with Volcano Sauce  RM18.90
One of my favourite among all. It served with a piping hot plate to our table, then pours the egg batter into the hot plate and become smooth fluffy omelette. The fried rice is flavoursome!
Japche   RM19.90
Stir-fried glass noodles with sliced beef and mushroom.

For side dishes, salad, egg roll, soup, Volcano Cheese Tteok-Bokki, Japche and Oven Potato are available. Patrons will be able to pair their dishes with a selection from the beverage program including RITA (Goobne Special Non-alcohol Mocktail), soft drinks, bottle juice and tea. To end the meal on a sweet note, diner may select from dessert offerings - Green Tea or Chocolate Ice Cream. 

Volcano Cheese Tteok-bokki RM32.90
A modern twist of Korean spicy rice cake (tteokbokki) that served with fish cakes, hard boiled egg and cheese. The noodles doused in a spicy, tangy volcano sauce and mix with the creamy cheese, it is so comforting.
Flying Fish Cheese Egg Roll   RM18.90
It looks like tamagoyaki (Japanese roll omelette), rolling a various cheeses together with thin layers of seasoned egg, topped with generous amount of Tobiko and drizzle special sauce.
 Rita - Shark Blood   RM19.90
A playful mocktail you may try as this is Goobne special non-alcohol mocktail. 
When you pull out the shark from the drink, it will dripping blood! haha~ just kidding, the blood is made from blueberry sauce. It is suitable for sweet tooth because i found out this drink is very sweet for me. 
Everyone is aware of their healthy-eating style, Goobne oven-roasted chicken might be a food trend available to the adventurous and available to everyone at an affordable price. I love their best seller Goobne Volcano, the flavor tickle my tastebuds with heat. I was surprised by the crunchy outer layer with juicy meat inside even though it is oven-roasted.

Goobne Chicken (next to GSC cinema)
Lot L3-043A, Level 3, MyTOWN Shopping Centre, 
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hour: Monday- Sunday 10am- 10pm

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