Hada Labo's new improved Lifting & Firming Range

January 25, 2017

Turning 30 is a milestone in any woman’s life, and it can be a source of considerable anxiety. Also, it's time to truly consider the best-suited skincare that is targeted at skin issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity and collagen. 

Hada Labo was launched in Japan in 2004 and beauty lovers very quickly embraced the brand with their successful Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion becoming the No. 1 Face Lotion in Japan for 9 consecutive years.
Now Hada Labo bought you the new and improved formula which helps to restore youthful radiance to the skin. Ladies, let's welcome the Hada Labo Lifting & Firming Range! 
Key ingredients in the new and improved Hada Labo Lifting & Firming range: 
  • Hydrolyzed Elastin and Hydrolyzed Collagen- create and maintain skin strength, firmness, and shape. Elasgrow and Fermented Soymilk - boost collagen and helps improve skin density, firmness and elasticity to keep skin visibly tighter, firmer and more lifted. 
  • 4 types of Hyaluronic Acid - deeply hydrate skin from the surface to the inner skin layers for a significantly soft, smooth and supple skin. 
  • Powerful anti-oxidants properties- fight against the damaging effects of free radicals. 

The Hada Labo Lifting & Firming range is comprised of 6 distinct products: 
Lifting & Firming Lotion – Rich    RM 67.50

Lotion is an essential first step after cleansing. 
It helps to awaken skin and drives moisture deep into the inner skin layers to prepare skin to fully receive the benefit of the next skincare regime that follows. 
For best results, use twice daily after cleansing. Gently pat the lotion onto the face until thoroughly absorbed. 
For me, this lotion texture is rich and thick, i think it is not suitable for oily skin.
Lifting & Firming Milk   RM 70.90

A light-weight milk that easily penetrates deep into skin to restore youthful radiance and luminosity, leaving skin visibly firmer and smoother. This can be applied twice daily after lotion / essence application. Gently pat onto the face until thoroughly absorbed. 

 Lifting & Firming Cream    RM 78.00

This velvety cream melts into the skin to provide an intense nourishment to strengthen and improve the skin’s youthfulness, leaving skin visibly lifted, firmer and more luminous. 

After applying lotion / essence, take a sufficient amount and apply evenly on the face and neck area. Gently massage and pat to allow absorption into the skin. 
Lifting & Firming Wrinkle Care Cream    RM 74.90

A rich and nourishing cream that is designed to treat age sensitive contours around the lips and eyes. Regular usage of the Wrinkle Care Cream will leave the lines looking finer and smoother, revealing a plumper, more youthful and renewed skin texture. 

Use this twice daily after moisturizing. Gently dab onto wrinkle prone areas such as the forehead, eyes and lip area. 
Lifting & Firming Mask    RM 52.90

A serum-soaked mask enriched with anti-aging ingredients to deeply hydrate the skin and restore the skin’s youthful vitality. This soft cloth mask is designed with the right thickness to fit the face perfectly. 
Upon application, skin feels instantly revitalized, lifted and smoother. The Lifting & Firming Mask can be used once or twice a week as part of your skincare regime. 
This is my favourite! I love the visible result that it really hydrated my skin quite well. 
 Lifting & Firming Essence      RM 89.90
The Lifting & Firming Essence is formulated with High Performance Penetrating & Deep Moisturizing (HPP&M) Technology which has an active delivery system to drive moisture deep into skin to fully hydrate skin from the surface to the inner skin layers. This also works to prepare skin to receive the full benefits of skincare that follows. 
The Lifting & Firming Essence contains :
  • Naturally derived Pomegranate extract and Lycopene - boasts 100 times more antioxidant power than Vitamin E to fight signs of aging and pollution. 
  • Soybean Extract - improve skin elasticity and boost collagen and elastin in the skin to reveal firm and youthful skin. 
For best results, use after Hada Labo Lifting & Firming Lotion. Apply on palms and gently pat onto face until thoroughly absorbed. 

The Hado Labo Lifting & Firming range is pH balanced and free from alcohol, fragrance, colorant as well as mineral oil. 
Available at all major pharmacies nationwide.

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